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I decided to just do a collage of the last 2 days of our trip! There were like 200 pics and I couldn't do the whole download 5 pics at a time all night! haha! Mom and I did so many things on Thursday and Friday! Our feet hurt so bad at night and we would just come back to the room and crash!
Thursday, my friend Megan took us on another tour of FOX news so that Mom could see it! We basically stood in the same room as Shepard Smith while he was doing the news. It was so cool! We met Neil Cavuto and saw Megan Kelly through a window. Mom has watched Fox News since it started so this was probably her favorite part of the trip!
Thursday evening, we went to see Wicked! I had no idea what to expect, but I was completely blown away!!
If you are ever in NYC, it's a must see!! I know many people have seen it and loved it and I would totally see it again!

Friday we literally didn't stop to eat! First went on a boat tour around Manhattan! It was so fun and the weather was perfect! We got to see the city sky line, lots of helicopters flying into the helipad downtown, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, New Jersey, Ellis Island and a very close up of the Statue of Liberty! I also highly recommend this tour. It was NY Waterways 90 min tour for $26! (NY Waterways were the first to respond to the plane that landed in the Hudson River too!)

After the boat, we walked through the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). It was really neat but really random! I loved all the Jackson Pollock paintings the most! Then we stopped by Magnolia Bakery on our way to Central Park. We decided to take a pedi-cab around Central Park. It was fun and our guide told us where all the movies were shot in the park. I could have spent all day in Central Park! It was for sure my favorite place in the city!

The pedi-cab dropped us off in front of the Plaza Hotel and we did some shopping on and off 5th Ave. then headed to see the Lion King!

The costumes were seriously AMAZING! I found these pictures online because there is no photography allowed in the theaters!

It was so incredible! I loved both shows so much!! I want to see many more Broadway shows now! :)

I am seriously so blessed to be able to spend the week in such a fun city with Matt and my mom! And I am very thankful to be back home and get back into the swing of normal life in little old Fayetteville! :)


NYC-Take 2

WARNING: Picture overload!

We have done a lot and there are many pictures to share from the last couple of days in NYC so I will get right to it...


Matt and I randomly walked up on a red carpet premiere for a live show that Denzel Washington was hosting! It was so cool!! We were soaked by the end but it was fun to watch all the stars and paparazzi!

Jasmine Guy from the Cosby Show spin off A Different World. Is it me or does she look way older than she should?!

Rachel Ray looked so pretty!

Matt met Michael Spinx who was a boxer who fought Mike Tyson! We got to see some others such as James Gandolfini from Sopranos, Spike Lee, Hill Harper (actor/Obama's good friend) and Natalie Cole to name a few.

After the premiere, we changed clothes and went to a nice restaurant across from our hotel. With our check, the waiter brought this...

Are you serious?! How did he know I LOVED blue cotton candy?! He made me a smaller one and I ate it before me left. Then Matt told him it was my favorite thing ever so he brought me this HUGE thing of fresh cotton candy! We were cracking up... but I was so happy! :)


A friend from our hometown is a producer for the Huckabee show on Fox and works here in NYC! We got an amazing private tour of The Fox News sets!

This is where you might see people like Shepard Smith sit for the newscast, also you can see the big cube they turn into a huge screen if you ever watch FNC!

This is a huge HD control room! This was such a great cool opportunity and it was probably Matt's very favorite part of our trip!!

Then we went on a double decker city bus tour... It was cold but it was hop on/ hop off so we had fun seeing the NYC sights!

I think I could have spent a week in Macy's!

Flatiron historical building

Famous Brooklyn Bridge.

Beautiful Manhattan Bridge.

Matt at the World Trade Center site.

Chambers Street subway station right across from WTC site
I tried to imagine what it would be like to have been in NYC that horrible day in September. You can't see much since they are still working on the site but it still has a erie feeling when you stand and look at where the most memorable historical event in my life, happened almost 9 years ago!

Forgot to mention that we went to the David Letterman show on Tuesday afternoon as well! We got selected for an audience upgrade so we sat on the 2nd row! It's hard work to be an audience member. You have to laugh and clap like a fool! It was fun for Matt to experience it though!


We started the day off with a NBC studios tour! We got to see SNL stage, NBC sports studio and the Dr. Oz studio! It was so fun but no cameras allowed so that's why there are no pics. Then we headed up to Top of the Rock!

Looking south at Empire State building and the missing World Trade Centers near the end of Manhattan!

Even farther south at the Statue of Liberty!

Looking North at Central Park area!

If you know Matt, you know he is VERY scared of heights! So I was extremely proud of him for going to the top of Rockefeller center! (And yes, I had to buy a new zip up hoodie because it is on dang cold here!)

Random 2 pics of the day...
Only in NYC do you see police on horses!

And cats and dogs sitting next to a busy street, trying to help a homeless man get money! Mom and I are suckers and of course gave him some bc of these precious babies. (Also mom made the homeless man go next door and buy a bottle of water to give them! haha!)

Ok, back to the rest of Wednesday...

We ate lunch in SOHO at Cafe Habana!! I can't even begin to describe how delicious the food was! For sure the best place I have eaten the whole trip!!

Then we moved on to Chinatown...

...where my mother tried to make me walk down into a dungeon to get a foot rub! I said "Heck NO! I will not go down some dark stairs for some crazy man to rub my feet!!!!" So we settled for a street level foot massage store! I have to say, it was an AMAZING 30 minutes!

Chinatown: where I have never felt more out of place in America in my life! :)

Gross fish market on the street. It was so weird feeling like I was literally in China!

Mom and I had fun walking through the streets and shopping! Then the time came when I felt gross and I wanted to be as far away from Chinatown as I could. haha!

So we jumped in a short cab ride to Wall Street..
I was never so glad to be back in "America" and to see this... Tiffany & Co.- (Reminds me of Sweet Home Alabama when Reese gets the whole place to herself to pick out an engagement ring!)

And this... New York Stock Exchange! This part of town was really beautiful with magnificent architecture!

Trinity Church... so pretty!

Fallen Fire Fighters memorial by the WTC site.

Mom and I planned to go to the WTC visitors center and the Memorial Preview Site museum but both were closed by the time we got there! :( But we did get to see this memorial and Ladder 10 that was right across the street from WTC!

We ended our day at Century 21 Department store! I would compare this to a TJMAXX on steroids! It was an awesome store but it officially wore me out being in there!

Matt made it home safely and Romeo is happy to be at his own home sleeping on Momma's side of the bed tonight! I am looking forward to the next two days and I seriously can't wait for the Broadway shows Mom and I are going to see!! I will be sure to blog about each of them and the rest of the week in NYC in the next few days!

WHEW! You made it through the longest post ever! Have a great Thursday!


NYC- Take 1

We did a lot of walking around and sight seeing in the first 2 days of being in NYC. The weather is kind of yucky but it looks to be better in the next few days! Here are some photos so far...

After checking in, we walked a few blocks south of our hotel to Times Square! It was really awesome to see at night, especially for Matt since this is his first time to NYC.

There were a lot of people there, but I am sure all of them were tourist like us! :)

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped by Radio City Music. Matt was disapointed we didn't get in town before the NFL draft was over. This is where it was held and you can see a big NFL banner hanging behind him.

I had been up since 5:45 and I was fading fast by this pic! HA! Oh and it's way colder than I thought it would be, so you will see this black zip for the first few days of photos because it is the only thing I brought that is full-long sleeved!

We went in Rockefeller Center and looked around. They were filming SNL and Matt was sad we didn't get to go see it while we were in town!

Sunday, we did some more walking around and decided to walk thru Central Park! It is just gorgeous!!! It's my favorite part of NYC for sure!

This part is called "The Mall" in Central park and they have shot many movies here!

We of course had to have a photo by the dog statue in Central Park that looks like Romeo! :)

We were walking out of Central Park and I hear Matt say " Hey Rich!" I look around and I have no idea who this man is but I soon realize he is on tv just not a show I normally watch! :) This is Rich Eisen who works for the NFL network. He and his wife (she is also a tv reporter) , their baby and dog were walking through Central Park. Rich told us that he used to be a corespondent from Washington D.C. for KHOG in Fayetteville!

On our way back to the hotel, we walked to Columbus Circle which is where Trump Towers are located.

Saturday night, we met up with my friend, Katie and her boyfriend Kevin for dinner! She and I have grown up together and she has lived in NYC for 5 years!

She has the coolest apartment right near Central Park. It's not in a high rise like most apartments are. It was so cute and quaint! I think I could live in NYC in this type of place! :)

They took us on our first Subway experience! I have been on the NYC subway a long time ago and would have been too nervous about getting lost to do this on our own! We went to restaurant in West Village and they are friends with the owner. The owner, Mark, is a judge on the Food Network show Chopped. We didn't get to meet him but we really enjoyed his restaurant!

We are planning to do a bus tour of the city today and we can't wait to see many more of the sights! More NYC pics in a few days... but until then come back tomorrow for a quick hair chat with julee!