7 days away!

I can not believe that Christmas is only 7 days away! Have you all done all your shopping? I am going to finish up this weekend with my mom. I have alot of it done but there are still some last minute things and of course the hardest gift of all... my dad! What do you buy a man that has everything?

My brother and Rachel, his fiance, are picking up their puppy tomorrow! It is a West Highland terrier and his name is Jack Frost Bell. Jack for short! :) I can not wait to meet him and to see how Romeo and Jack play together! I will post pics as soon as I get some from them! I CAN'T WAIT to see him on Christmas!

My mom has monogramed stockings for all the dogs. I think they are the only ones that she even has stockings for this year! Romeo also has a monogramed stocking at his other grandma's house too! I think they are so funny but I really appreciate them for loving my dog so much! :)

I will post some pics of this weekend activities. We are eating with friends tomorrow night and shopping the rest of the weekend so it should be a fun time! I will probably eat way too much so its a good thing that I am going to join a gym after Chrismas!
Go get your shopping done! Not much time left!!! Have a great weekend!

Julee Turner


Jennifer said...
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Kelly said...

My parents have two west highland terriers! I think they are about 12? They got the first one when I was in college. They make good dogs.
It's funny how crazy we can get over our dogs! :-) Dawson has a monogrammed stocking too!

Cara Beth said...

Thanks so much for our Christmas card! We love it and have it, along with our other cards, hanging on our "mantel" above our stockings.

And of course, Conner has his own stocking, too. And I had to laugh when I had Christmas with my brother and sister in law this past weekend and they showed up with a present for Conner. Too funny! I can't wait to see how obsessed we will be over our children. lol. Merry Christmas, girl!

Oh and did you know that our husbands played football together at OBU?