Feeling a little better!

For months, Matt has had good days and bad days. The last 2 days have been fairly good ones! I have started to feel better too. I can honestly feel the stress being lifted off of me! I received a wonderful email from a girl I knew in college, who had also been treated at the Mayo clinic. It really lifted my spirits and made me so excited to get there and see what they have to say! Thanks Lauren! 

I wanted to thank all of you that have commented, wrote on facebook, texted or called me. I have honestly felt your prayers this week. I am very thankful for all of you! 

I am looking forward the weekend even though I have to work most of tomorrow and have tons of other stuff to do to get ready to leave. But I am hoping to spend some good quality couch time with Matt and Romeo on Sunday!! 
Thanks again for your concerns, thoughts and prayers! 

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The Bowden's said...

Still praying for all of you. Keep us posted!