Quick week update

On March 3rd we celebrated Brody's 5 month Birthday! This was one of my favorite cakes we have since he was born! We love getting together and eating cake on the 3rd of every month. We will stop doing this once his first birthday comes around but until then we will enjoy our Rick's monthly themed cakes! :)

Romeo has a hurt foot. He has obsessively licked it for the last few days so I took him to the vet today. He has to wear this collar so that it will heal!

Then Matt decided that he would make him a boot for his foot so that he didn't have to wear the collar. I don't know which one he hates more!! 

Last night my good friend Devin had her second baby girl! Reece Bertram was born at 11:50p.m. and weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces. She is so beautiful and has a head full of red hair! Ava was a very happy big sister and was so sweet with Reece tonight! 


Jennifer said...

I think Romy looks more miserable with the boot then his does with the collar! Poor guy! I hope he feels better today!

Can't wait for tonight! It will be so fun!

Emily Elaine said...

Poor Baby Romeo. How did he get hurt? Hope he is feeling better now.

Jill said...

Poor sweet Romeo! He looks so helpless! I love the pics of our little man! He's getting soo big! I had lots of fun last night...even if we only watched 30 min!