Mayo Clinic

These are just a few pictures to show the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. We spent 9 days there and we were surrounded by very nice people that work there and beautiful grounds at the clinic!!

And this was our rental car! I was the driver all week so I thought I would take a pic of our beauty! HA! :)

More trip pictures to come...


Stephanie Wood Smith said...

I just added Matt to my twitter...I just started twitter too! I think you and I are on every social website possible! HA!
The pictures of the clinic are beautiful :)

The Bertram's said...

Not a car I would ever picture you driving!!! The hospital looks amazing. Glad you all are back - by the way I need to get my hair done!
Love ya,

Jennifer said...

I'm sure my mom is really jealous that you got to drive that car!! haha!!