This is the weekend before my brother's wedding! We have been looking forward to this event for a year! I will have lots of pics and will tell y'all about it next week. I am ready to get down to Little Rock on wednesday and I am ready to wear all my new clothes that I got for all these festivities!! :)

Romeo will be going a vacation to Canine Country Club in LR. They have a cool website and if you ever need a place for your dog to stay in the Little Rock area, I hear this is a great one! Click here to see where Romeo will be staying during the wedding.

Speaking of Romeo, he had a slumber party last night. Winston the westie got here yesterday around noon and they did not stop playing until they crashed at bed time! Sometimes I think I need another dog for Romeo...

They both LOVE to play fetch!

Thank you Paula for letting Winston come play!

On to Matt... We saw the doctor Friday and they told us the PET scan was normal which is great but we still have no answers why the tcell was abnormal! They want to re-test his bone marrow and do more blood work. The bone marrow test will be wednesday afternoon. He is not feeling good at all and still losing weight. We have got to figure out what is wrong with him SOON! Please continue to pray for answers.


Jill said...

I want to go with Romeo - that looks like so mcuh fun!
I am getting really excited about the wedding! I can't wait!

Brent and Cara Beth said...

Hey, first of all! Romeo will LOVE the Country Club! Has he been there before? That's where Conner stays sometimes when we go on weekend trips without him.

Also, have ya'll considered Celiac Disease? You should do some research. It may be as simple as not eating certain foods. It's amazing how food affects you!

Anyway, I'm still praying and have fun at the wedding!

The Doose's said...

We are praying for you and Matt. Romeo will have a blast this weekend! We are having to leave ours for 10 days. I am sooo sad, what will I do without her?