There's nothing sweeter than a sleeping dog!

Romeo is quite the sleeper the older he gets. I am really glad that our first year is over and that puppy energy is gone. He is just so sweet when he sleeps. I just love him so much! These are just a few of the places I caught him sleeping this weekend!

He was seriously sound asleep hanging off the couch!

I think this weekend just did him in with all our families here!

He can even sleep sitting up!

Loving the cold tile floor during an afternoon nap!

Enjoying the little bit of sun we got on Monday! Doesn't that make you want to go lay in the sun?

Kota also took some naps while visiting us this weekend. This is my favorite because he actually laid his head on a pillow! Such a sweet dog!

Favorite picture from the weekend.....

I know that I am obsessed with my dog! Maybe one day it will be a baby that I am constantly taking pictures of and poor Romeo will be off the hook! :)

Matt had the PET scan and a ct scan on his neck this afternoon. We will be meeting with doctors on Friday morning and are hoping they will be able to have these results by then. We are feeling pretty good this week and are just ready to know what the diagnosis is and what we are going to do about! Thank you again to all of you that are praying for us!!


Jennifer said...

Romeo looks so sweet in the pictures! I love the one on the bench! Too cute!
You will have no shortage of pictures of your children when it comes time for wedding slide shows! I'm thankful you take after your mom in that area because it benefits me with all the Brody pics you take!:)
Glad you met us to shop tonight!

Brent and Cara Beth said...

It's so cute how he falls asleep anywhere! Conner usually has a pillow underneath him.

I'm anxious to hear the results but I know God is in control. Praying for ya'll daily.

Katie said...

Those pics are hilarious! How do you keep from not laughing all the time at him!?

Praying for you guys!