Weekend fun!

This weekend my mom came up to hang out and to celebrate my cousin's birthday! Our family loves birthdays because its our excuse to eat cake! :) So we had a family party on Saturday. Then hung out by the pool on Sunday and ate again at Abuelos. Monday, Mom and I shopped and then met up with everyone at Bordino's for Alex's actual birthday party! It was a busy weekend and then tonight I got to keep Brody Francis while Jennifer and Josh went on a date! I LOVE keeping him. So basically these are just the pictures to show what I did all weekend! :)

This is the really cute cake I got from Ricks Bakery for my cousin Alex's 20th Birthday!!

Birthday girl!

Alex's family came up and we grilled out at my house on Saturday night.

These are my new tiki torches I got at Lowes for $6.00 each!! I love them!!

More goodies from Ricks!


Romeo and Brody get really excited to see each other and love hanging out!

Sweetest little man ever! He really is such a great baby!

This is Brody watching tv at JuJu's!
He doesn't ever sit this still but he REALLY likes Matt and JuJu's flatscreen!


Katie Spinks said...

that cake and cupcakes look amazing very cool -Brody really is a sweetie isn't he the cutest!!

The Bowden's said...

You always have the cutest cakes! :)