Do you love headbands? Well if you don't, you should! :) They are very in right now and the more stuff on them the better! Go check out these super cute headbands, follow the instructions and maybe you or I will win one!! And while you are there look at my friend Hillary's cute picture frames that she does herself! I think I am going to be ordering one very soon! I love them!



Blissfully Enamored said...

hey julee!!! thanks for writing about my giveaway! i am so excited about it!!! :) it's so much fun!!

let me know if you need any frames! i am ready to take your order!! :)

i miss you and i hope that matt is doing better!!!! :)

barri said...

Thanks for the comment Julee! We are all doing really well. It has been so fun to all live close to eachother again and can you imagine how big our family will be in 5 or even 10 years!! Insane!! I'm still praying for Matt. Hope you guys are doing well!