Mom's Birthday weekend

Mom came up alone this past weekend so that we could do whatever she wanted to do for her birthday weekend. Matt and I took her to Bonefish Grill on Saturday night and it was delicious! She had said that she didn't want a cake but I didn't listen to her and surprised her with a cake of the 3rd child's face on it! It was was the cutest Rick's cake that I have ever seen!!

We were really excited about the Bang Bang shrimp!

She screamed when she saw this! Ricks did such a good job creating this to look just like Kota!

Mom and Kota with the cute cake!

He thought it looked like him too! :)

Birthday party time!

The boys got to lick the plate!

She didn't want to eat Kota, so all weekend we ate around him! HAHAH! This is what was left on Monday and was finally eaten as well. The cake was almost to cute to eat though!

Sunday afternoon Mom, Jennifer and I went bike riding around Lake Fayetteville. It was not nearly as easy as I thought. It was very hot outside and the trail was NOT FLAT! HA!

As soon as we got there the chain on mom's bike came off but I came to the rescue and fixed it. Jennifer and Mom were in disbelief that I knew how to fix a chain on a bike! :)

This is what happened during the bike chain repair.

After the bike ride we went to Petco. I needed to get Romeo's toenails clipped so we decided to take them both. Kota isn't very well behaved so he had to ride in the buggy! HAHA! He talked to everyone that walked by and even tried to pick out some new toys.

He loved the parakeets!

The good boys got bandannas at Petco!

And Kota got a neck tie!! HAHAH! I laugh out loud every time I see this pic!

All in all, we had a great weekend relaxing, eating and shopping! I love when our family comes up to visit. And Romeo loves when his dog friends come too! We will be dog sitting this weekend so more dog post are likely this week! :)


Lauren's College Life said...

Haha that tie picture IS funny! Great pics!!!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

I LOVE Bang Bang Shrimp too!! It is soo good! Oh and the doggie neck tie is too funny!

You look just like me on our sectional on my Mac!! ;)

Jennifer said...

I get this feeling you and your mom love those dogs A LOT!;)

Next time I will have faith in your bike fixing abilities!

Whitney said...

I always love reading your birthday posts! And LOVE the pictures! Rick's does the cutest cakes! You're mom is too sweet!!! Love it!

Amo said...

Cute! i love the neck tie! That is hilarious! And the cake is precious!

The Bertram's said...

that cake is amazing!!! Looks like you all had a great weekend!

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

that cake is so cute! i love those cakes...we had one at shower recently and i was pleasantly surprised.