Turner Family and Beth Moore weekend!

This weekend Matt's mom, brother and brother's girlfriend came up to our house! We had such a fun weekend. We ATE so much, had a birthday party for Lisa, saw Halloween 2 at the drive-in (SCARY!), attended church, ate some more and did a little shopping! Here are a few pics from the great weekend!

Romeo really loves when people come to see "him"!

Lisa's birthday cake and presents! I got her new bedding!! I can't wait to see it on her bed at her new house!

Cute cake from Ricks, of course! (She is called Sissy by her family!)

Rick's is doing such a good job on all the doggie cakes! I am jealous that Romeo hasn't been on one yet! :)

She loved her Sam cake!

We had perfect fall-like weather this weekend! I am really so ready for fall! I have been dying to get out my fall decorations. I even went to Hobby Lobby this weekend and got a really cute fall plate to put up in my kitchen. I don't like turkeys or jack-o-lanterns but I love fall leaves and pumpkins!! As you may have noticed I really like modern furniture and decor so it's challenging to decorate for the holidays and keep it contemporary. Stay tuned to see what I come up with this year! I am having more company in 3 weeks so I am going to wait a couple more weeks to put it all out but the temperatures cooling down sure does make me excited for fall!

Also this weekend my church hosted a Beth Moore simulcast. We were one of 516 churches around the world to host this live event and there were over 90,000 women and maybe a few men that were in attendance in all! WOW! The simulcast was Friday night and Saturday morning and broken into 3 sessions. The message from Beth was about your heart's desires. It was so good that I thought I would share a few things that she spoke about.

Psalms 37: 4 Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Beth spoke from this verse all weekend. She had 7 points that she walked us through. She explained that a true heart's desire is a sustained longing. It is something that we have wanted for a very long time and is not affected by our mood or the moment. Without typing out all of my notes here are the 7 points...
  • Nothing dictates our lives like our desires
  • Beneath the desires of our heart is the heart of our desires
  • Delighting in God adapts our desires into inevitabilities
  • Nothing external can steal our right to delight! ( ex. jealousy, anger and worry can steal delight)
  • Commit to make room for delight
  • Nothing is passive about patiently waiting for desire to turn into delight
  • Until faith becomes sight, trust God and do good.
I think the biggest thing that I was reminded of this weekend was that God hasn't forgotten me! Beth said these words, "God will trump our desires if glory or destiny is at stake." I know that He hears all of my prayers and already knows my heart's desires so I was encouraged that I need to continue to wait on the Lord!


Amo said...

Cute cake!!!!!!! And I'm glad you were uplifted by the message at church this weekend. We all need to be uplifted and reminded that we haven't been forgotten sometimes. I know I do.

Lyr said...

That cake is so cool!! So freaking cool!!!

Cara Beth said...

I want a Conner and Scooter cake!! Like NOW! hehe

blackwellfam said...

So, I forgot to tell you how I did my blog. I went to cutestblogontheblock and followed the instructions for how to remove the border on the header and how to make your blog a 3 column. I did the header on scrapblog. That's it...took me a while, like all of Adelle's naptime [I even let her sleep longer than she was supposed to because I was so into it...hehe]. Miss you!