I have a real addiction...

I have to admit I have a real addiction... I love A LOT of tv shows!! I probably watch too many but until I have less time on my hands, I am going to enjoy laying on the couch and watching all these shows! :)

Everyday I DVR Ellen and Oprah! And I watch a lot of HGTV! But every night my DVR is on overload!! These are the shows that are set to record now. I am sure that there will be more to add after I see what new shows are out! This list doesn't include all the random shows that Matt and I watch together! :) Seriously I don't know how this madness got started!

-Gossip Girl
-Dancing with the stars
-Jon and Kate plus 8

-The Biggest Loser
-Dancing with the Stars
-18 Kids and counting
-Daddy's girls

-So you think you can dance

-Grey's Anatomy
-Project Runway
-Private Practice

-The soup
-Master of Reception

-Desperate Housewives
-Kourtney and Khloe
-Brothers and Sisters

Is that not crazy?! If you think I am missing out by not watching one of your shows, Let me know! I am sure I can find some time to watch another. :)


Sarah said...

GLEE!!! It is so silly but I love it!

Lauren's College Life said...

hahha I love it!!!
I am watching the biggest loser right now....and for the 2nd week in a row I CRIED! it is SO sad when they call home!

April Pantall said...

What about "The Office" on Thursdays on NBC?? I don't watch too much tv, but I wouldn't miss this one for the world! It's hilarious. You have to check it out!

Oxford Impressions said...

You are so speaking my language. I added you to my blog last week and enjoy reading your posts. Some of my favorites are The Closer, The Practice, Biggest Loser, The Bachelor and Bachelorette, True Blood, Big Love. I could go on and on. Someday I'll have grand babies and will have something else to do!

Amo said...

Glee on Fox is a hilarious show! Plus, i watch The Office, Community, Parks and Recreation, Ugly Betty, and Lost. I love Project Runway!

The Bost Family said...

I heart T.V.!! I have a list pretty close to yours. Except Monday I watch the Rachel Zoe Project... you should add that to your list. Love her.

Angie said...

I remember the days when if you were not home or watching another channel you just missed the show! You gotta love technology.

Terri said...

Julie - Oh my goodness - this looks very much like my DVR line-up. It drives Chuck CRAZY. Sometimes I even have to go to the other room to watch a third show because my dvr can only record two at once. oh my!

The Doose's said...

I love your list...here are some I would add
Real Houswives of atlanta!
Rachel Zoe project
Mad Men
Flipping out!

Ha ha, I am a bravo fan!

The Bells said...

The new Melrose Place, Tuesday nights on the CW, is fabulous! And i'm a huge survivor fan!

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

funny! I don't even have time for all those shows! I remember that time in my life not too long ago though. Enjoy it!

I like to watch Bones and Fringe on Thursday. I just can't handle greys and private practice anymore. I decided I am done with it. I like Lost too and DWTS...that is about all I have time for and that is pushing it.

Amy said...

My name is Amy and I am a fellow TV addict1 ;) I have to clear out my DVR constantly because it is at 100%capacity! I love al the shows you listed, but I also watch CSI:NY and Law & Order SVU.

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

You would love Glee! It's hilarious. Did Private Practice start yet?

Michelle said...

Julee, You should watch Top Chef! Its a great one!

Megan said...

Just came across your blog from Jennifer's. I am glad to find someone who seems to watch as much TV as I do. My husband makes fun of me but there are just so many good shows on that I need to watch! I am glad to see you watch 90210, I thought everybody had given up on it. Have you watched any of the new Melrose Place? I excepted to not like it, but I actually kind of do!

Karen said...

Your DVR looks a lot like mine. I haven't been able to find Private Practice though, are they delaying their season premier? I can't wait to watch! Grey's was such a tear jerker.