Best Invention

This weekend we went home and I did the Race for the Cure in Little Rock! (Pics soon to come when mom sends them to me!) We had a great time in Arkadelphia with our families. After the race we watched the frustrating HOG game at my MIL's house. She cooked chili and we are sat in the living room and cheered for the Hogs. She cooked another great meal on Sunday and then we tested out my moms new toy! My mom loves riding her new bike but felt bad leaving her siberian husky at home. After a lot of research and trying out 2 others, she found this great invention! This bar holds the dog away from the bike and allows it to just run next to you!

Romeo wasn't sure what to think at first but he REALLY loved it! I stopped pedaling and he propelled me up to 12 mph! I think my mom is going to get me and romeo one of our own! He was so tired afterwards but it was so good for him to be able to run and get out some of that energy!

I love this picture of us!! HA!

Tired boy after running up and down the street a few times!

For any of you that want to know more about the best invention... check out these sites!


Amo said...

I didn't know something like that existed! That is very cool.

surentser said...

I started reading your blog from Katies Keepers.I just love it!! Could you please tell me the name of that dog walking invention and where you got. I would love one:)


Heather Allen said...

That really is the best invention ever! Especially because I am not a runner...Ha!

Ashley said...

How neat! Ya'll look so cute!!

See you Thursday friend!!!!!

The Bowden's said...

Hey, I recognize that street! :)

Whitney said...

JULEE!!! That is such a neat idea!!! I want one, and I dont even have a bike....guess I need to get a bike first!!!

Miranda said...

Romeo must be very well trained! I've seen those before but always thought my dogs would decide that it would be more fun for us to chase a cat, squirrel, leaf, etc. :)