Winter Wedding

This past weekend I was in my good friend, Kimbo's wedding in Arkadelphia! It was such a fun weekend and I was so honored to be apart of all the festivities! Here are some pics from the weekend!

Rehearsing at the church.

The bride and me!

We have been friends since we cheered together in Jr. High! My senior year we roomed together at cheer camp and from then on we have been good friends! I was so honored to be apart of her beautiful wedding!

Bride and Groom praying before the dinner.

Arkadelphia girls at rehearsal dinner!

Kimbo with her mom and sisters at the bridesmaid brunch on Saturday morning!

All the bridesmaids.

It's wedding time...

Beautiful Christmas time wedding!

Getting ready for the ceremony to start!

Beautiful (and quick) ceremony!

Mr. and Mrs. McCorkle walking in to the reception!

Cool glass display that I had at my wedding and was recreated for her! :)

Food table at reception. It was gorgeous and the pic doesn't even do it justice!

Yummy cakes!! I had a piece of each! :)

Dancing the night away!

EEE's at the wedding!

Love her and this pic of us! :)

Off to Mexico...

Congrats Kimbo and Brock!!


Jennifer said...

Do you think people who don't know her think Kimbo is a weird name? Haha! It just sounds so normal to me that I don't even remember that her name is Kimberly. :)

Julee Turner said...

haha! I know! I wrote Kimberly and it looked so weird so I changed it! :) She literally has been called that since she was a little girl! During the rehearsal the preacher called her KIM and we all about died!! It doensn't have to be Kimbo but just not KIM!

Kelly said...

I'm glad I read Jennifer's comment because I was thinking Kimbo was an unusual name.
That was such a pretty wedding. It makes me want to go back and have a winter wedding and I LOVE the fur!!! SOOOO pretty! You looked beautiful!

Cara Beth said...

Julee, these pics remind me of the pictures from your wedding. You both have great taste!

Jill said...

hey julee,
i came over from kellyskorner :) i got married in december and love winter weddings...that looked beautiful!
i also sent you an email about this but thought maybe i should ask here too just in case you check this more. can you tell me what makeup you use? i have asked my parents for a sephora gift card for christmas so that i can get some new foundation/bronzer/whatever but don't know where in the world to start! your makeup always looks great. hope that doesn't sound so weird coming from a stranger-but was hoping you could help! :)

Ashley said...

What a beautiful wedding.. Winter weddings are just beautiful!!!! I love all the pics. She is a beautiful girl, just like you!

Ps- blue is YOUR COLOR!