Anniversary celebration

Since Matt and I both had to work on Wednesday, we decided to celebrate our anniversary this weekend. I worked on Saturday morning but when I got in my car to leave, Matt had left me a note saying "Come home after work because I have a surprise for you!" Ok... I love gifts and surprises but if I know about them I can't just let it go and be surprised... I have to try to figure out what it is! HA! (Kind of like when I turned 16 and I tried to figure out when I was getting a car and also when we were going to get engaged!) Maybe I have a small problem with having to be control! It's ok... I will admit it! :) Back to my story... I had 4 hours to think about what in the world the surprise could be and seriously had no idea. When I got home from work, I couldn't wait to for him to tell me what it was so I just blurted out "What's my surprise?!"hahah! He had booked me an hour massage at my favorite spa at 3 on Saturday! It was so sweet of him to call and get it set up and paid for and I just got to go and relax!

Then we got ready and ate at Bonefish Grill in Rogers. It's one of our favorite places to eat. The food there is just delicious! Then we headed to see Avatar 3d. Well... we officially have the worst luck at seeing movies. We got there and it was sold out at 10:10pm! So the only other thing that was on that late was Sherlock Holmes.

It was a pretty good movie but it's just not my kind of movie. Matt really liked it. I just don't like to be frustrated and that movie just stressed me out! Hopefully we can see Avatar soon and a few others that are out right now too!

I have been watching the Golden Globes red carpet and the awards ceremony tonight. I love to see all the celebs all together and dressed up! Also on the tv night agenda... Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters and Big Love! I just love Sunday nights!

What did you all do this weekend?


Summer said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow your hubby did good with a spa treatment.... Glad you had a nice dinner and um that stinks your movie was sold out.... At least Matt liked the movie and that means you get to pick the next one....HaHa!!

Greg is totally into movies like that to and if he picks one like that I get to pick the next two.... LOL

Summer :0)

Kimberly said...

Your husband is so sweet - surprising you! Check out my blog for this weekend - I went into NY and saw Rock of Ages and met David Blaine (the magician) and Constantine (from American Idol) who is the star of Rock of Ages! I hope to get to the movies today since my daughter is off from school. I would like to see Leap Year!

Jenna said...

Happy Anniversary!! Woohoo for the spa! Don't tell anyone (haha) but I watch Big Love too! Chris is like I can't believe you watch that show!

Ashley Fisher :) said...


I'm glad I found your blog too! You are so beautiful and you look so happy :) Glad you are doing so good! Have a great day!!


Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Your blogs so cute! Im a new follower!