Surprise 30th Birthday!!

We pulled off 2 HUGE surprises for Matt this weekend! First of all... Matt thought we were going to go home after he got off work on Friday night. I did a really good job at acting like I had us packed up and ready to go as soon as he walked in. But as he walked in his grandparents, mom, aunt, brother and his girlfriend were here!

He was SO shocked! You will see from the video! I think he was most relieved we weren't getting in the car to drive for 3.5 hours! I made his favorite cake and we had a party at 11:00 at night! It was so fun!

Here is the video of him coming in the house...

His family all arrived on Friday night before the 10:00 newscast and go to see them surprise Matt and tell him Happy Birthday on air! :)

Cute baby Matt!

Then it was time to hide before he got home!

Matt totally shocked to see his family in our house!

Blowing out his 30 candles on his favorite strawberry cake!!

Saturday we mainly just hung out at the house. The girls went to the mall then we all got ready for the next party! I really don't know how we pulled off getting him to go to Rogers to eat at a pizza place that we have never been to before... but we did it!! And he was totally shocked again! I had invited his whole family along with his high school friends and a few of his work friends! I would have loved to have invited more people but I knew Matt wouldn't want a huge deal to be made of it so I just kept it small. The whole night was perfect!

Here is a video of him coming into the party at MAD pizza...

The food was delicious! All different kinds of pizza to choose from.

All the men at the parry! Including little Brody! Ha! I love how he is just in the high chair posing for the pic!

Can't believe I am married to a 30 year old! HAHA!

My wonderful friends that helped me pull off this party!! Love you Jen and Jill!

Brody thought the pizza was delicious!! :)

High school buds plus Mary and me! :)

Matt's whole family that came up for him birthday!

And here is a video of us singing happy birthday! :)

It was a great weekend and we are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family to help us celebrate Matt turning 30!!


The Bost Family said...

Thanks for inviting us! It was a super fun party. We enjoyed catching up with everyone!
~Mary and Jonathan

Southern Cinderella said...

Looks like ya'll had a WONDERFUL weekend with friends and family! I just LOVE birthday celebrations! You did such a great job surprising Matt!

Thanks for putting up the videos and pics!

Melissa said...

What great memories you captured! I hope Matt enjoyed his day! You are a great wife! See you on Monday!

Summer said...

I am over from Jennifer's Blog.... I just love her blog.... Your blog is really cute too....
Happy B-Day to your hubby.... That was sooo sweet of you to throw him 2 suprise b-day bashes....
Brody looked really cute eating pizza....Ha! Ha!

I just became a follower.... I think your blog is really cute....
Summer :0)

Juliana said...

What a great weekend!! Thank you for sharing!

I am a new follower. Pop on by to my blog and follow back if you would like. It is nice to "meet" you and I look forward to following your blog. ~Jewels at A Blonde Walks Into A Blog

Kelly said...

you are such a good wife to throw TWO surprise parties! What a special birthday!!

Lauren Sullivant said...

Yay! Such a great surprise! I loved the videos and pictures! You did such a good job! I can't wait to see his 40th birthday surprise! 30 is going to be hard to beat! Love you!

Ashley said...

girl the video's were SO much fun! I enjoyed them so much! HAPPY BDAY MATT!!!!

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful face tomorrow!!!!!