Makeup, skin care and hair!

This week over at Kelly's Korner "Show us your life" its all about Skin and hair! I decided I should share my input since I am in the beauty world myself! :) I could probably write a whole blog on this subject, (which I am considering doing) but for now these are a few of my favorite things!
During beauty school, I got hooked on Dermalogica skin products. Then my mom became an esthetician and used/sold this line in the spa. It's a little on the higher end side of skin products so I just use the basics.

First I always cleanse with the SPECIAL CLEANSING GEl. Then follow with the SKIN SMOOTHING CREME.

This product is by far my favorite! Its a perfect moisturizer for all year long! It leaves your face feeling so smooth!
I use a few other Dermalongica products but these are the two must haves!

I have used BeautiControl makeup for probably 15 years! My mom started selling this when I was in jr. high! We were laughing at work the other day because I never wore Clinque makeup like every other teenage does!

Beauti Control is a beauty company that specializes in Spa treatments, personalized skin care and advanced anit-aging products through a unique at-home spa experience. Meaning you can't buy this at any store and is sold by individuals that sell this out of their house! I have thought many times about selling it! Everyone that tries it likes it!

My first favorite BeautiControl product is the SECRET AGENT liquid foundation. It has great coverage without being too thick.

Then my absolute favorite is the WET/DRY FINISHING POWDER! I always use a dry sponge and it just the smoothest powder I have ever used! It covers well and can be used with the liquid or by itself! It's a serious must have!

I am never satisfied with any brand of mascara! I truly think I have tried every one! But right before Christmas I was in Sephora and the consultant there introduced me to DIOR ICONIC. I LOVE IT! She also explained to me that if you use more than one mascara, that is called mascara ward-robing.

So on days when I want a my lashes to be even longer and thicker, I use DIORSHOW BLACKOUT! Its an extreme black mascara that is amazing!

I love lip gloss! One day my mom bought me this LANCOME TUMULTUOUS LIP GLOSS and I don't think I have ever loved a lip gloss this much! It does cost $27 for a tube but I have no words for how amazing this product is! I will never be with out it!!

I could go on and on and will probably write another post soon about hair. But I had to choose at least one hair product to add to my faves!

When I moved to Fayetteville and started working at my salon, I had never heard of Bumble and bumble! I was instantly hooked and have all my friends and family calling me to send them more! It's a big line of hair care products and I use it every day on myself and every client that sits in my chair!
This really works! If you want big hair... this is the shampoo for you! It doesn't matter if you have thick, thin or in between hair. This shampoo/conditioner combo are my all time favs!

Then if you add the THICKENING SPRAY before you blow dry... You will be sure to have the voluptuous hair you have always wanted!!

Hope you all enjoyed learning my favorite skin and hair products! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I was a hair stylist for 8 years before I decided to stay at home with my kids. I used Bumble and Bumble products a handful of times and loved them. I wished I would have gotten to know more about them. Now I am an Aveda hair product and skin care fan. I would also say I have fallen off the wagon and don't take nearly as much time for myself like I did when I was working in the salon. Love your blog I have been reading it for a few months now!

Summer said...

Yay I am sooo excited you did this post! I follower your friend Jennifer and we have become "bloggy" friends!!

Anywho I have never heard of Bumble and Bumble but I am gonna get it now! Where can ya get it? Oh and the Thickening Spray it helps for real thin hair? I am on Chemo meds and my hair is thinning bad, I need something to make it look thicker! I would appreciate any advice ya have?

I love bare minerals, love it I have never heard of Beauty Control but I'm gonna have to check it out! Thanks for all your tips and advice! Your such a sweetie :0)

Oh and hows the hubs? I just got back from Johns Hopkins sooo I know that feeling um all to well

Summer :0)

Kelly said...

I'm a fan of bumble and bumble. Do you know they sell it at Wal-Mart? Just on the normal aisle?
I hope you do make a beauty blog - you have a lot to share on the subject!!!

Kimberly said...

I never heard of Beauti Control? or Bumble & Bumble. I see Kelly said you can get it at Walmart. I will have to look for it.
Love your blog!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

I LOVE Bumble & Bumble too!!!

Can't wait till you do another blog on beauty!!! =) Have a great weekend cutie!

Erin McGraw said...

I love the Bumble and Bumble Thickening products. I have thick hair but when I apply the spray at my roots it helps so much. I am looking forward to checking out the makeup you recommended as well.

Mary said...

Julee I want to use all of this so I can look as pretty as you. FOR REAL! Thanks for the beauty tips.

The Mommy said...

So now we know what you use that helps enhance your beauty!
I'd love to know how you get your bangs to do the perfect side sweep.

Allyson said...

I love Bumble and Bumble products too. They are fantastic!

Ashley said...

My friend worked at the Dior counter for a while and introduced me to the Dior Show mascara. It's the best mascara I've used, for sure! I'm excited to try out that thickening spray!

Kodi said...

Thanks for your info. I'm so glad you mentioned that the thickening stuff can work for thick hair too. I have really thick hair, but it never looks like it has the volume I want. I'll have to try the Bumble and bumble!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

This is great! Thanks Julee! I really wan to try that lancome lip gloss now!

nlmcc said...

Thanks for sharing about your products! I have been dying to ask you what lip color you use!! I love the bumble and bumble, thanks for the update on the "fakes"! And my sister sells beauti control, so I use their skin care line, I love it! I have very oily skin and it works great for me.