Price of Beauty

I have been watching VH1's Price of Beauty with Jessica Simpson. Have you? It's really a good show! I think it's so interesting to see what these other cultures do to and what they think is beauty. So while on the topic, I decided to pick 10 women that I think are just beautiful! This is all about outside beauty! I think inner beauty is actually more beautiful that outer beauty but since I don't know any of these women personally, I am judging them solely their looks. :)

Starting with the brunettes...

Aishwarya Rai has been named "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD"!! She is one of Bollywood's biggest movie stars.

Elizabeth Hurley has always been one of my favorite beauty idols!

Who can say these 'Friends' aren't beauitful?!

I know some people may not agree... but to me, Angelina is seriously one of the most beautiful women!

I dream about looking like Catherine Zeta Jones at her age!! :)

Now to the blondes...
I think Reese is just gorgeous! I wish I was her friend in real life.

It was hard to find a picture of Marissa Miller with full clothes on! HAHA! She is my favorite Victoria Secret model. And if I had to guess... She would be Matt's favorite in this list! :)

I have always loved Jessica! She had to make the list since her show gave me the idea for the post!

Carrie has come so far from her American Idol days and each day, she gets more beautiful!

This post was just for fun and because I haven't had much to blog about lately. I think I judge outside beauty based on hair, eyes and their smiles.

How do you judge beauty? Who are your beauty idols?


Jess :) said...

I love the show, as well!!! It has been such an eye opener and very interesting to see so many different types of beauty.

I'm not actually sure how I judge beauty. Like you, I often look at eyes and smiles. However, in reality...beauty is usually always based on outward appearances...and often times should be looked at within a person. It's so hard, though, with the society that we live in to not look just on the "outside" appearance. :) Ahhhh

Great post...many of my favorites on your list! Carrie (FOR SURE), Jessica, Reese, Jennifer, etc. So many beautiful women both INSIDE and OUT!!

P.S. You would make my list because I think you're absolutely gorgeous, but I also think your heart is just as beautiful!!

Alex and Jill said...

I have been watching "Price of Beauty" as well and love it. I end up laughing at Jessica at some point in each episode and crying at the stories that are being told. The Uganda episode was CRAZY! A fattening hut!?? Could our cultures be any more diverse!?? LOL

jenn said...

POB is a great show :o)

my top 3 beauties would be:

jennifer aniston
reese witherspoon
jessica simpson

The Bells said...

I love all things Jessica Simpson! She is my #1 on the beauty list. She's got that natural, no make-up needed, kind of beauty. And she's so goofy! Love.Her.

Mrs. Nabors ~Wont You Be My Nabor said...

I love this show too! It's fun to watch and interesting to learn about different cultures and what is considered "beautiful." I have always thought Jessica S. is such a beauty AND Catherine Zeta - STUNNING!!!

Cheri said...

I've never seen the show, but my favorite "beautiful woman" is Angelina Jolie. I totally agree with you!! My husband, however, just does not. I can't believe it. He's more of a Jennifer Aniston guy. lol

Jessica said...

I saw the first picture in the blog feed of Aishwarya Ra and thought it was Lauren Davidson. I think she could give Aishwarya a run for her money for most beautiful woman in the world!

I hope you're having a happy day. I'm so sorry to read about your cousin. Praying for you guys!

Brittany said...

Great pics! I love Catherine Zeta Jones. She is just gorgeous!

kim_brough said...

I've not seen the show. And I totally, whole heartedly, absolutely DISAGREE with you about Angelina Jole (ugh, even her NAME is ugly and skanky) I think otherwiseyou have a pretty good list. Except you left yourself off of it.

Brittany said...

I love that show! I'm a huge Jessica Simpson fan though... so maybe that has something to do with it!