Romeo's 2nd vacation

Romeo spent the weekend at Camp Bow Wow but then our friends Leslie and Blake picked him up on Monday. I'm sure Romeo was more than thrilled to see people he knows and getting to spend 2 nights with his best friend Tucker!

Leslie has sent me lots of pics so I can see what he is doing! The sweet boys resting after I'm sure a lot of wrestling!

If I had to guess... They are waiting for treats in this one!

I miss this precious sleepy face!

Matt is going home today and Romeo will so excited to see his daddy! Thank you so much Leslie and Blake for taking such good care of him and loving him like he is your own!

In NYC news... Mom and I just got tickets to see Wicked and Lion King this week!!!! I'm sooooo excited!! We headed to shop in Soho and Chinatown now! More pics to come! :)


Amo said...

The Lion King is so good! I would love to see Wicked! Enjoy!

jenn said...

i've heard both of those shows are great!!

we saw phantom of the opera and it was amazing!!!

have fun with your mom :o)

Kimberly said...

My sister saw Wicked and thought it was great! I have seen Phantom and thought it was really romantic! let us know what you think!

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

I've seen Wicked twice in NYC and absolutely LOVE it!!! Enjoy!!!

Ann said...

That doggy is sooooooooo cute!!! Saw both shows and they are both awesome!!!

Cherit said...

I saw Lion King in Cincinnati a few years ago. It was awesome. Have a wonderful time!

Leslie Duffield said...

We loved having him!! It was great! Love seeing all your pics too. It definitely makes me want to go back. Wicked is wonderful! I saw it in London & want to go again sometime. Thanks again for letting us take card of your sweet Romy!

Beth said...

Lion King is AMAZING!!!! We saw the off-Broadway performance in Tulsa a few years ago, and it was the best thing I've ever seen!!! Enjoy!!