Weekend of best friends & baby showers!

I had a great weekend with best friends from college! It was so much fun to be back together again but I am exhausted from all that we crammed into 48 hours! I took lots of pics so here is my weekend in pics...

Friday night dinner at Senor Tequilas in Little Rock! I felt like we were all back in college except 3 of the girls that have babies in their tummies! :)

Nicole, Emily, me and Jess

Gracen, Katie and Stefan

Saturday morning was Gracen's shower for baby Eli!

Gracen and I lived together for 3 years in college! Love her!

Summer babies! Due 6-15-10, 6-16-10 and 7-22-10

Nicole hosted Gracen's shower and her house is so beautiful!! There was a great turn out but didn't get a pic of everyone that was there!

The hostess with Gracen.

Eli Reed Stogsdill's cute cake that was of course from Ricks! :)

Katie and Stefan back together again! Katie lived in France for 2 years and we are so happy she is back home!

Lunch on Caper's patio was so good and the weather was perfect!

This a sneak peek at El's nursery! I just loved his bedding! I will post on his room when he gets here in June!

After seeing El's room almost ready... we (Katie, Emily and myself) decided that Halle Kate Jones needed a place to sleep! Before this weekend... Stefan didn't have a nursery. After this weekend, she had a new guestroom/office and Halle's room is well on its way to being a real nursery!

Katie and Emily put the crib together!!

Then at 11:30pm we decided to make a trip to Walmart to get paint and clothes to paint in! I think at this point we had lost our minds but we just really wanted to help Stefan since she is 31 weeks pregnant and no nursery! :)

Spray painting the cream whicker nursery furniture all white at midnight!

Sunday morning, we made another trip to Walmart for more paint and put a second coat on the furniture before Stefan's shower at 2pm!

Hostess with Stefan.

Rachel (sis-in-law), Brooke and myself at the shower.
Mommy-to-be with all the yummies!

Halle Kate Jones' cute cake from Rick's bakery!

Miss June onesie... so cute but lets just hope she doesn't come 2 weeks early or we will need a Miss May! :)

There were so many girls at this shower too! It was so good to see everyone. I just wish the rest of our Pledge class could have been there with us!

Our sorority's saying was "It just keeps getting better" and it really does! Miss you friends already!


Susy said...

Thanks for sharing the pics Julee! It looks like you had so much fun! I can't wait for baby Eli's arrival!

Summer said...

What a fun busy weekend! You look amazing girly! Love your black dress! Those cakes look AMAZING! Ya'll have be wanting to try a Rick's Bakery Cake but um I live in WV....hahahaha

I always think it is super fun to see friends you haven't seen in awhile it is like you just start where ya leave off!

Glad you had a fab weekend that is to funny ya'll were painting furniture at midnight


Jennifer said...

Cute pics! Glad you had fun this weekend!

Katie said...

Julee ~ You are beautiful! I'm praying for your sweet heart. ; )

Brittany said...

Wow! What a busy baby weekend! Looks like so much fun!

Kelly said...

You are your friends are so cute! I loved all of your outfits from the weekend - you looked so pretty!!
Did you take those cakes down there? You are a crazy girl! :-)
Praying it's not long until there is a fancy cake at a baby shower for YOU!

Ashley said...

Girl, the pictures are just darling! Your friends look adorable. Sounds like the perfect time!!!!

Miss you!

Rebecca (Sam's wife) said...

so glad you had a blast! you girls always have adventures! thanks for sharing! i love that all 3 of them are having babies this summer!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Aww Julie this looks like so much fun! I miss all my friends from OBU! You are so blessed that you all live semi-close to each other; me and all my friends are spread all over the place. Oh and those cakes look awesome!