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I will be honest... I am all out of ideas this week's for hair chat. So I am going to just tell you about 3 Bumble and bumble products that can help you have cute beach hair for the summer!

This is what I would call "Beach Hair- but not from the beach". The waves that your hair naturally gets when you are sitting on the beach with the humid warm breeze! Don't you want to be on a beach right now? I sure do!

Some of you may have naturally wavy hair and some may have board straight. Well, we all want what we don't have. But these 3 products from Bumble and bumble can hopefully help you achieve this look!

Surf Spray is very popular and I have seen it in many magazines for summer hair! The spray is a salt-infused styling spray for fullness, hold and cool matte finish. This can be used on wet or dry styles!

This product will add texture and lots of volume with a very light hold. It contains moisturizing seaweed extract and give hair a sexy, sun-dried, wind swept styles whenever you want!

Now for those of you with hard to handle, thick or wavy hair... this Grooming creme could help you get beach waves. It's a styling moisturizer that adds texture, give hair natural separation and subtle hold. Just a warning: a little bit goes a long way and you don't want to use too much or you will have to start over!

This is probably one of my favorite Bumble products. Brilliantine is a hair polish that provides body and shine allowing you to style your hair in many ways. It provides great separation and texture which is needed for beach hair. Brilliantine reduces dryness, leaving hair soft.

I am not saying you need all THREE of these products to achieve beach hair. I just wanted to give you some suggestions to check out if you are going to the beach this summer or just trying to have beach hair during the hot summer at home!

Now this is some great beach wave hair!



Stephanie said...

I would love a hair chat about blond hair highlights vs color or both! I am struggling right now getting the right blond!!! When I highlight only I don't like the dark roots and when I color I don't like the all over same color! Love some advise tips from the pro! :)

Lindsey said...

I want you to do a post on how to get build up out of your hair. I have heard many many suggestions...but want to hear yours! Let's just quit our jobs and go back to the beach! :)

Wendy B said...

I would love to see a discussion about flat irons!

Laura said...

Love your posts about hair. What do you recommend to remove chlorine from your hair or how to protect your hair when swimming. My daughter has long hair and swims a lot in the summer but the chlorine build up is terrible. Any suggestions? Thank you!

sl said...

I love your hair post. Can you tell me ideas to relax curly frizzy hair. My daughter is not a girly girl and hates her hair. She is a tomboy teen. Thanks for any ideas.

corriemae said...

Love your hair post. I am going to try the beach hair products.
Any thoughts on the the WEN hair products? I have been using them for a few months and am really liking them. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Kelly said...

i like stephanie's suggestion!