I decided to just do a collage of the last 2 days of our trip! There were like 200 pics and I couldn't do the whole download 5 pics at a time all night! haha! Mom and I did so many things on Thursday and Friday! Our feet hurt so bad at night and we would just come back to the room and crash!
Thursday, my friend Megan took us on another tour of FOX news so that Mom could see it! We basically stood in the same room as Shepard Smith while he was doing the news. It was so cool! We met Neil Cavuto and saw Megan Kelly through a window. Mom has watched Fox News since it started so this was probably her favorite part of the trip!
Thursday evening, we went to see Wicked! I had no idea what to expect, but I was completely blown away!!
If you are ever in NYC, it's a must see!! I know many people have seen it and loved it and I would totally see it again!

Friday we literally didn't stop to eat! First went on a boat tour around Manhattan! It was so fun and the weather was perfect! We got to see the city sky line, lots of helicopters flying into the helipad downtown, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, New Jersey, Ellis Island and a very close up of the Statue of Liberty! I also highly recommend this tour. It was NY Waterways 90 min tour for $26! (NY Waterways were the first to respond to the plane that landed in the Hudson River too!)

After the boat, we walked through the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). It was really neat but really random! I loved all the Jackson Pollock paintings the most! Then we stopped by Magnolia Bakery on our way to Central Park. We decided to take a pedi-cab around Central Park. It was fun and our guide told us where all the movies were shot in the park. I could have spent all day in Central Park! It was for sure my favorite place in the city!

The pedi-cab dropped us off in front of the Plaza Hotel and we did some shopping on and off 5th Ave. then headed to see the Lion King!

The costumes were seriously AMAZING! I found these pictures online because there is no photography allowed in the theaters!

It was so incredible! I loved both shows so much!! I want to see many more Broadway shows now! :)

I am seriously so blessed to be able to spend the week in such a fun city with Matt and my mom! And I am very thankful to be back home and get back into the swing of normal life in little old Fayetteville! :)


Mallory said...

I'm glad ya'll are home safe now. There's supposedly been a suspecting car bomb in Times Square and it's been evacauated! Your pictures are great, NYC is so fun!

Kimberly said...

Glad you had a fun time!! NY is fun but exhausting.

mattjess00 said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. Me and my husband want to go to NYC someday and I was excited to show him all of your wonderful pictures! I am glad you had a wonderful time :)

Lauren Kelly said...

Soooooo fun!!!! Glad you had such a good time!!!!! :)

The 'Ssippi Scoup said...

I don't know if this comes close to you, but I am from Alabama even though I moved to Mississippi a few years ago. There is a touring group that is called Broadway Across America and they come to Birmingham like four times a year. This year we saw Wicked, Wizard of Oz, 101 Dalmations, and one other I can't remember. I have also seen Lion King, Phantom, and Annie through BAA. You can either buy season tickets and get tickets to all four plays that come throughout the year or just buy them as you want to see them. I have seen two plays in NYC, Cats and Joseph and the Techicolor Dreamcoat. They were wonderful, of course, but I must say the plays from BAA do not disappoint and it's a great way to see these wonderful plays without leaving your hometown area. I tried to check into what was coming next year and the site wasn't up yet. It may be now, but my dad was saying the other day that he didn't think they had released the schedule. Anyway, just wanted to let you know about it. My 16 month old, who was 14 months at the time, sat through the entire Wizard of Oz two months ago, and my husband is a just a good ole farm boy. They both love love love to see the BAA shows. Check into it, you won't be let down!

Ya'll weren't by any chance still there when the bomb was found this weekend were you?

kim_brough said...

PLEASE tell me how you did the collage... I've been trying to figure it out for about a year!

Ting said...

Oh my goodness - You had a very busy vacation! I can't believe how much of NYC you all conquered!

Did you go to any good restaurants? How about the shopping? Pick anything up besides the New York hoodie?

I want to live vicariously through your vacation. My husband and I don't appreciate the city as much as we really should!

Ashley said...

Sounds like the perfect trip! I love NY!!!! And the Lion King, I just cried during it, it was that good and real!!!! ;)

Pics are great, HUGS!!!

Lindsey said...

Lion King is SUCH a great show!! Saw it here in Memphis a couple years ago!! Such an amazing production!

kanishk said...

I am glad you had a wonderful time
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