Weekend Recap

This weekend we had no real plans and it was so nice! Saturday, I worked for the few hours. Then I came home and took a long nap!

I have been wanting to makeover our back patio for some time now, and so I decided this weekend would be a good time to start!

I got this beautiful hanging plant at Westwood Garden.

Then I scrubbed down our patio furniture! I couldn't believe how gross it was!!

This is just a sneak peek because I actually didn't finish all the staining yet! The table and chairs started out as redwood so I just decided to stay with that.

FYI on staining furniture:

My mom and I had bought a can of stain over a year ago. I shook it up but didn't stir it. I painted 2 chairs and bench and just thought that it was light and I would have to put a 2nd coat on it. Well the fact is that if I had stirred it then I would have realized all the dark red stain was at the bottom! Uggh! And I wouldn't have had to go buy a second can and repaint everything again! So that's why I'm still not finished! I will upload lots of pics of the finished product! I can't wait to spend summer nights outside!

Also...I can't wait to go visit one of my very best friends from college tomorrow! She had her baby girl last Sunday and I'm literally dying to meet sweet baby Halle Kate!

Isn't she precious?! She weight 6 pounds 1 oz and was 19 inches long! I can't wait to love on this tiny girl!

Hope you had a great weekend!


Lindsey said...

Congrats to your friend having her sweet baby! Precious!

I worked on our patio today too! I moved all the furniture and hosed it all off. I have wicker out there & every summer put a fresh coat of paint on iy. I'm thinking it's about time for some new outdoor furniture. I've made it work and still like it, but get tired of having to touch it up and spray paint it every year. Needing to get some plants out there too. Love the flowers you got!! They are so full and such pretty colors!

Looking forward to seeing how it all looks when you are done!! =)

blackwellfam said...

Please love on Halle enough for the both of us!!! I so wish I was riding with you - because I would love me some Julee time right about now :) Have fun!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Your porch is going to look fab when you get done with it!!!! :) And how precious is that sweet baby!!!!

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French lover said...

Bonjour ! I just discovered your blog and already love it !! I'll definitely come back for more !
I see you have a Shiba Inu ! That is so cool. My fiancé and I are contemplating getting one :) In fact I just blogged about it two days ago !!