White River Cabin

We had a great Memorial Day weekend with Matt's mom's side of the family on the White River! It took us about 3.5 hours and was literally in the middle of no where!!!! But we finally got there and it was really fun!

Beautiful view of the river from the cabin deck.

Matt's uncle and aunt built this cute cabin a couple of years ago! It's precious!

Romeo LOVED being outside and seeing all his family!

Matt's aunt decorated the cabin with all kinds of stuff from flea markets.

Master bedroom with dogs, Skip and Sissy resting in the cool air! :) That is the biggest round bed you have ever seen! Very cool!

Master bath

Guest room. I loved the awnings over the beds!

Guest bath was really cute too!

The comfy bunks that Jeni and I slept on! :)

My sweet boy Romeo was so good even though he had to be on a chain or leash the whole time we were there!

This cracked me up! There was no phone signal at the cabin but we still all had our phones out just in case! We are pitiful! :)

It was so good to see these girls!
Chelsey (Andy's girlfriend), Jeni (Matt's cousin)

We don't know why but Romeo kept standing on the ice chest! He cracks me up!

Jeni with Sissy in bed! This dog is so sweet and lazy and loves to cuddle!

Andy and Romeo on the hanging bed under the cabin!

Lisa with her boys!

Saturday night we went out for a catfish dinner in Mountain View, AR!

Then we headed to the town square for "Picken & Grinnen"! It was a sight to see! I have been to many of these types of places with my grandpa who used to play the fiddle in a bluegrass band. But tons of little jamming bands just sit around playing music. I think they do this most weekends when the weather is nice!

These are some performers that put on a show there in Mountain View. Like I said... it was a sight to see! :)

Group shot before we all headed home!

Hope everyone in blog-land had a great weekend!


Jules said...

looks like the perfect memorial day weekend!!

Beth Ann said...

Hey! Isn't that the coldest river ever?!? Spent half my childhood with goosebumps thanks to that water ;) Glad y'all had a good weekend!!

Katie said...

Julee ~ Looks like a lot of fun!

Kelly said...

That little trip just makes me laugh. Ya'll are so cute and so is the cabin.
(This mostly makes me laugh because this is close to where I grew up and it's just so country but peaceful and nice)
The phone picture cracks me up!

Mrs. Jenk said...

Love love your teal ruffle dress- where is it from? Really, LOVE it!

Ashley said...

This just looks PERFECT!!! I love everythign about it! JEALOUS!

Miss you, hope to see you guys this weekend!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

How fun!!!!!! And that picture of the phones cracks me up!!!!!! :)

Katie said...

Ya'll looked like you had so much! Such a fun place in the woods! Hope your doing well!

Ting said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful weekend! Love that aqua dress you have on!