mccoys 1st birthday.

Mccoy is my friend/co-worker's little boy. I love when he comes to visit us at the salon each week! I remember last year, I left for a vacation to Mexico and told Erin to not have her baby before I got back. Well... the day before I got back, I got a text saying she was in labor and the baby was coming that night! Then later that evening, Mccoy Emerson Box was born! He is such a joy to be around and I can't wait to watch him grow into a precious little man!

Matt and I went to his 1st birthday on Saturday and had so much fun!

The party theme was Sock monkeys!

Look at this cake that Erin made herself!! Crazy!!

Mccoy also shares his birthday with his grandpa so Erin made them each their own smash cakes!

Birthday boy with the Metropolis girls!

I just love this little boy!

And I love his momma too! Erin also went through infertility before getting pregnant with him so I can't even begin to thank her for the support she has given me in the last year! So glad to have these sweet friends in my life!


Lauren Kelly said...

That is the sweetest party EVER!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Erin is super mom! That is such a CUTE cake!!

erin...burt...mccoy said...

julee, you almost made me cry! you are such a great friend! thank you always for being so sweet to mccoy! we love you!


That party was ADORABLE!!!!