Weekend Randomness

We had a great few days at home this past weekend! Saturday, I did some wedding hair and then Matt and I took a nap! He never takes naps but I on the other hand, love naps so taking a 3 hour nap was wonderful!! Then we went on a dinner/movie date!

We LOVE Outback and haven't been there in a while. We ate so much and left there stuffed!

I let Matt choose the movie... We saw Get Him to the Greek. I knew it would be crude and funny but it really was not good!! I wouldn't recommend this movie at all!

Then on Sunday we went to church and then I let Matt choose our lunch spot...

And he wanted IHOP! It's one of my favorite places but I really wanted something somewhat healthy but oh those pancakes delicious!!

We worked around the house the rest of the day and got a lot done! I caught up on laundry, cleaned bathrooms, changed sheets and vacuumed the house! It feels so good to have all those things done. It was really hot outside so we waited until early evening to work in the yard. I pulled weeds and then we re-mulched our flower beds. We rent the house we live in so we don't want to put a lot of money into it but we also want it to look decent! I thought the new mulch looked much better!

Matt ran out of daylight while mowing the back yard! I had to run an errand and when I came back I found this...

He said " You might be a redneck if you tape flash lights on a lawn mower and wear another on your head to mow at 9:30pm"! I was cracking up!!

Romeo had a good weekend relaxing and enjoyed having his mom and dad at home with him all day!

Sorry for the lag in blog post recently! I don't know what is my problem but I just have not had any motive to blog! But... I am working on a hair.chat post and will have it up hopefully tomorrow!


Brittany said...

LOVE the lawn mower comment!! Too funny :)

Erin said...

I have a hair question - I usually need to wash my hair twice a day because it's so oily. What kind of shampoo to you recommend?

Mallory said...

The mower! HA! We live on 9 acres and have to mow about 4....and my husband is often out there after dark on his tractor...I'm afraid he'll hit a tree! ;)

I have a question, SHOULD I get my hair cut into a swing bob? I have really thin hair, but I want it to look like Victoria Beckham's swing, like here... http://images.craveonline.com/article_imgs/Image/jessica-galvan-victoria-beckham.jpg

Assuming it would lay right, I need a PRO's opinion! Thanks!

Lauren Kelly said...

Oh my goodnesss, that picture of Matt cracks me up!! HA!!

So glad you had a great weekend!! :)

I'm always seeing your tweets and know how much you love your naps, LOL!!