Busy. Busy.

This is a quick and mostly boring post but this weekend, starting right now, is going to be so crazy! These are the things I have to do. I may need some prayers to get through it all! :)

1. Find a RED dress asasp
2. Work for a few hours
3. Attend a Charity Gala (hopefully wearing the new red dress)
4. Clean my house
5. Wedding hair on Saturday afternoon
6. Clean my house more
7. Best friend and her baby arrive from LR.
8. Clean house some more
9. Go to Sams and Hobby Lobby to get baby shower supplies
10. Set-up for baby shower
11. Clean more....
12. HOST a baby shower at MY house on Sunday for one of my best friends!!

Whew... Hopefully I can get it all done and then have lots of pics to blog about my victory! :)

Have a great weekend everybody!


Kali said...

hey girl! you dont know me but we know a lot of the same people. I have been reading your blog for a while =) I am going to be at the color of hope gala tonight. Sadly, I dont have a red dress but I will be wearing some pretty cute red shoes!! Maybe we will see each other.

Lauren said...

Hang in there, girl!! In the midst of the craziness hope you have a great weekend!! :)

Lindsey said...

Good Luck, I think you are going to need it! :)

Krystal said...

Hope you found the most perfect red dress!!

French lover said...

Good luck with your to do list ! I hope you still find some time to relax :)

By the way, I just got back from Japan and I think my fiancé and I are definitely set on getting a Shiba Inu. We saw a lot and they were all so beautiful !!