Such a fun weekend!

Matt and I headed down to south Arkansas for the weekend. I had a baby shower, 2 wedding showers and my MIL's birthday party! Yes, all of that in one weekend! :) We didn't get to my parents until 3:30am and I was up by 8:30am to get ready for the 1st of the 4 parties!

Natalie, the one in pink is 30 weeks pregnant! Can you believe that? There is barely a bump! She is precious! It was so good to see some great college friends at her baby shower!

Then Stefan, Katie, Jessica and I went to eat! Halle Kate came too!

Loved seeing Katie and Jessica! Wish we got to hang out more often!

Saturday night, Matt and I helped host a couples wedding shower for our friends Kristin and Paul.

We grilled burgers and hot dogs at some of our friends house out in the country!

We have a million pictures exactly like this but I just love these girls and so glad that I have them as my life-long friends!!

The soon to be newlyweds!

Tizzie was my maid of honor and is still one of my very best friends even though we don't see near enough of each other after college!

Kristin was one of my very first friends and I am so stinking excited for her to be marrying Paul!

We have so many pics of the 3 of us girls, but I just LOVE this picture with our men!

They got lots of great things for their new home together!

Most of my childhood through high school memories involves these girls! We reminisced and laughed all night. Carrie and Tizzie are due with boys only 5 days apart in December!

At the shower, all the couples wood burned our intials into this door! It was such a cute and fun idea and I really think they are going to use it somewhere in their house! :)

After hanging out with all our friends from home, I actually sort of missed living in Arkadelphia! It was such a fun party and it makes me even more excited for October 9th to party again with everyone at the wedding!

On Sunday, I forgot my camera so I have no pictures of my MIL's birthday party or Kristin's women's shower! Oops!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Melissa said...

You had a busy weekend!! Love the door idea!

Southern Cinderella said...

The couples shower looks like tons of fun and memories were made! The door idea is really neat! Have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

The door with initials is such a great idea! Cute! A barbeque in the country sounds great. Looks like lots of fun with friends!

Kelly said...

You have been SO busy! I hope you get some rest this week!
Looks like so much fun - all the showers! And I hate your tiny friend who barely looks pg! ha!

Cara Beth said...

awwe, Natalie looks so cute!

Lauren said...

So fun!!! What a busy but GREAT weekend!!!! :)

Jan said...

I LOVE the door idea. How creative!!! Wouldn't that be cute to do on the back of the laundry room door?! I'm gonna file that one away for future reference!