Labor Day weekend.

My mom is from TN and most of her family still lives there. I was so excited to go visit my cousins in Tennessee for Labor day! Mom and I planned a trip together so we could go meet our new baby cousin. My mom and her first cousin Deborah are very close. Deb has 2 daughters, Leah and Valerie, so its so much fun for all of us girls to get to hang out! We ate good food, shopped and spent great quality time together!

Friday night, we made it to town for my cousin Allison's 13th birthday! Her 2 week old baby brother, Jackson was my main focus of the weekend! :)

Leah with her sweet little family! This has been a big month for Leah... She turns 30, her daughter turned 13 and she has a newborn! Boy does she have her hands full! :)

All of Allison's friends at the party! I would say she is a pretty popular girl!

Cute surf board cake! It wasn't a Rick's cake but it was delicious!

Birthday princess blowing out her candles!

Jackson Drew Hooper was born on August 19th. He is absolutely precious! I was so happy to spend 3 days with this sweet baby and get to change him, get spit-upped on, hold and love on him!

Pure sweetness.

Big sister and baby brother at lunch on Saturday!

Mom and Deborah after lunch. We ate at a diner that served grilled cheese with bacon and tomato! They were absolutely delicious!

This is sweet Peyton Arnold! He is a very good friend with my cousins. Peyton was diagnosed with Leukemia in Feb. 09. I have followed his journey and have empathized with him and his family going through his rough battle. Leah kept me up to date and I was so glad to meet him and get to hug his neck! At Allison's birthday party, he was there with a mop of hair on his head. They were teasing him about needing a haircut. So I volunteered to cut it! I knew that he was very attached to his hair since it came back but he did need a cut! :) He was so so so funny and has the best attitude! He came over on Sunday and we got him cleaned up! I hope that I get to see him again and that he will be feeling even better! I hate seeing kids go through such a horrible sickness. If you will, please pray for this sweet boy to have a full recovery! Click HERE to read his CaringBridge site!

On Monday, Mom and I went to visit my grandpa! We had dinner with Papaw, his wife Mary Jo, my uncle, aunt and cousin Shawn! We had a great steak dinner and enjoyed seeing each other!

Before we left TN on Tuesday, we went to put these beautiful flowers on my Nanny's grave! We don't always go to the cemetery when we are there because we really don't feel like she is there but we always want her grave to have the prettiest flowers! I can't believe she has been gone almost 11 years! We still miss her everyday!

I am so thankful for my family and getting to spend time with loved ones that I don't get to see enough! Hope everyone had a great Labor day weekend!


Jess :) said...

What a FUN weekend you had!!! I was loving all of the pics you posted on Twitter!! You and I have the SAME feelings about babies and I just can't ever seem to get enough of them!!! Jackson is such a doll. :)

I will definitely go check out Peyton's CB site. It's so hard to hear about anyone going through diseases, but when it's kids...it just makes it that much harder. :( What a cutie he is, too!

Glad you had such a wonderful time! I know Romeo (and Matt) missed you TONS!

The Titsworth Family said...

I've been following your blog for several months now and love it! Where in TN did you visit? I'm from middle TN, about an hour east of Nashville. Isn't it just beautiful there? Glad you had a good holiday!