Saturday is going to be HUGE in Fayetteville! Hogs vs. Alabama at 2:30pm. I think the whole state is excited!!

The game will be televised on CBS but we got a little jilted by ESPN for game day! It really should have been here this week but since it's not... KNWA Razorback Nation is doing their own college game day show! It will be state-wide from 11-1 on Saturday!

Guest to include: Matt Jones, Clark Moore, Clint Stoerner, Anthony Lucas and the SIlver Wings parachuting team. Plus, exclusive taped interviews with Jeff Long, Jimmy Dykes and Frank Broyles. Caleb Wahl will be live on set to tell us about his rare breathing disorder and his trip from Alabama to see his beloved Hogs! Also, they will break down the game and have analysis with Bo Mattingly and predictions on the game. And, two lucky fans from the crowd will get to come on set with Aaron Peters and talk about thier excitment for the game!

So... if you are in Fayetteville and going to the game on Saturday, PLEASE Stop by Bud Walton in front of the Hog Heaven store and say Go Hogs with the KNWA news team!

Since this is a SOLD out game, people are selling their tickets for hundreds of dollars! Its crazy hard to find a ticket to this game and the student section fills up fast. This week, some students decided to camp out so they would be the first in the student section on Saturday. Well the idea caught on and as of last night there were around 110 tents set up next to the stadium! They will be there until Saturday morning, when they are let into the stadium! It sounds like so much fun but I would exhausted by game time! ha! This is a video showing all the tents set up last night. I don't think this has ever happened for a Hog game. This just shows really HOW excited Razorback fans are for this game!

Alabama is ranked #1 right now but hopefully after Saturday they won't be! Arkansas fans are going to have to do some work on Saturday so if you are attending the game:
  • They are calling for a RED OUT! So wear your red!!
  • They want us to call the HOGS after every Alabama 2nd down, to distract the QB!
  • Be quiet and rest your voices when we have the ball but be VERY LOUD when Alabama has the ball!
  • And girls... if you wear a razorback face tattoo- the Hog nose should face your nose! (Julee pet-peeve)

I am SO excited for tomorrow, can you tell?!!!



Susy said...

I think we are going to the Alumni bar in NYC to watch the game tomorrow...it should be super crowded with UofA Alumni! I love calling the hogs in the middle of Manhattan, but I sure wish I could be in that stadium!!! I wish I had a Razorback tattoo for my face!! I CAN'T WAIT!

Southern Cinderella said...

I wish I could watch this game tomorrow, but I have to work 10-6! Ever since I started my blog and reading others, I have noticed that there are a huge amount of Arkansas bloggers! I think that's why I wish I could watch the game, especially with Alabama vs. Arkansas! Have fun tomorrow!

Lauren said...

Julee, I loved this, ha!!! I will definitely be rooting for y’all!!! And that last bit of advice cracked me up :)

Anonymous said...

Roll Tide!!!

Frank and Natalie said...

How fun! My husband somehow managed sideline passes tomorrow. I'll have to tell him all of the rules =)

Kimberley said...

the tattoo remark cracked me up, never thought of it before. :)

Tina said...

From a Tennessee fan to a Razorback fan... GO HOGS!!!

Erin said...

Love your blog and the comment about the tattoo!
But, I'm from AL so I have to say ROLL TIDE ROLL!! :)

katie said...
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katie said...

So I'm definitely not from Arkansas but every time the Razorbacks play, I root for them to win!

This might be a silly question but why does the Hog nose need to face the persons nose?