Happy 2nd Birthday Brody!

October 3 is my favorite little boy's birthday! I have spent so much time and have so many great memories with this sweet boy in the last 2 years! I just can't believe how fast the time has gone!

Last year's 1st birthday compared to this year's 2nd birthday.
This makes me want to cry, so I know this has to break his momma's heart!

Brody's party was on Saturday and was held at the Little Gym in Rogers. It's a great place to have a kids party and the workers take care of everything including, invites, paper products and organizing everything during the party!

Birthday boy eating his snack after an hour of playtime!

He LOVES construction equipment these days!

Birthday boy and parents.
For some reason, Brody is getting very hard to photograph! He always puts his hand over his nose during photos. Not sure why but hopefully its just a phase! ha! Maybe he is boycotting the camera since it's been in his face since birth! :)

I think opening the presents was when he finally realized this party was for him! He opened presents like a champ!

This remote controlled Backhoe was from Matt and JuJu!

Sweet baby sister slept through the whole loud party!

Brody specifically asked me last week if Matt was coming to his party. It was absolutely precious and we wouldn't have wanted to miss his party for anything!


Lauren said...

Awww, so precious and he is cracking me up with his hands on his nose during pictures, haha!! :)

Whitney said...

So sweet. And Jillian is absolutely precious!! Looks like a great time!

Sara said...

How sweet! Atfer seeing all the pictures here and on Jennifer's blog I want to go play with all the stuff. Ha! What a great place to have a party.

I hope you received the card I sent :)

Hautemama said...

He is an absolute doll! He gets cuter and cuter everyday!