Best friends & Babies.

Saturday, I got to hang out with 4 of my best friends from college! I love when we can get together and now with all the little ones with us, it's so much fun!

Gracen and I lived together for 3 years of college!
Love sweet Eli! He is such a good baby!
Stefan & Halle Kate, Nicole, Jessica & Dean, Gracen, Eli and me!

Jessica and I are hometown friends and this was my first time to meet her sweet little Dean! He is her mini-me!

Halle Kate gets more beautiful each time I see her. I just didn't get any awake pics of her! :(

Dean & Eli getting ready to leave!

Halle Kate is older than these boys by 4 weeks and 9 week but is so much smaller than them! Dean and Eli are both going to be tall boys like their daddies! But Halle Kate is going to have 2 really cute choices in boyfriends when she gets a little older! :)

So thankful for sweet times with my friends and now with their precious babies!


capperson said...

They are all so cute!! Such cute pics!

Jess :) said...

Friends + babies = A little slice of HEAVEN!!! :)

How fun! You're such a natural, beautiful girl.

The Doose's said...

Thanks for all the pics! I loved getting to hang out! We must do it more often!