Matt and I are from the same hometown so we are extremely lucky to be able to spend time with both of families during the holidays. We still have to split our time but thankfully we get to spend some great quality time with each side! Christmas Eve day we spent at my parents house. We did every thing the same as we would on our normal Christmas mornings so it really felt like it was Christmas day!

Brunch on Christmas morning is our family ritual!

My dad normally cooks all the breakfast but this year my mom made waffles for us too! Kota was ready to eat!

I was taking a pic of my mom in her cute Santa apron and Romeo went and stood next to her like he thought he was supposed to pose with her! It was so cute!!

The Turners on our 4th married Christmas! We were ready to start opening presents!

We had a to get a family pic with our sweet fur baby too! I am praying so hard that next year we have another person in this picture... whether it is physically with us or just inside me, I truly hope that will be our Christmas morning picture next year!

I love this photo of my brother, Evan, his wife Rachel and sweet Jack!

It's so funny to me that Jack and Romeo are such good posers for the camera!

My Papaw, who lives in Tennessee has literally never missed a Christmas with Evan and me! I love my Christmas memories with him!

Love these new canvases of our sweet fur babies that my mom had made!!

NAP TIME! Kota and I passed out after brunch and presents!

Christmas eve dinner is also a big tradition at my parents house! We like to eat! :)

We had an amazing day with my side of the family but after dinner it was time to head over to my mother-in-law's house to spend the night and spend Christmas morning!

My mil and her sister live together right now and its so much fun having Matt's aunt and cousin with us on Christmas morning! Hence all the stockings! :)

Santa thought I was very special this year! :)

We decided that is just ridiculous for all these presents to be for just 6 people!! Next year we are vowing to not do this again! ha! I do love opening gifts though.

Romeo found his gifts and was ready to open!

Cute new hat and scarf that my MIL got me in NYC!

The marina at the lake in our home town has a huge light display every year. Matt's dad's name was on a memory board at the marina! Very special to see his life being honored.

We had a wonderful Christmas with both of our families. I love spending quality time with them and eating such great home cooked meals! We are SO blessed with wonderful, loving parents!


Dianna said...

I love how all of the presents have coordinated wrapping paper. Did y'all all plan that? Glad you had a nice Christmas and I truly hope that you have a little one in the picture with you next year!

Emily Richardson said...

LOVE the new look! Yeah for the Turner Channel:)! Also, the pic of Kota with the tree lights on is beautiful!

Nancy said...

I will pray for your little one to be n the picture too, or at least growing strongly inside of you!
Those are 3 beautiful dogs!! I love all of the black, white & red wrapping paper!
HAPPY 2011!!

Kirsten Blowers said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog design!!

Sisters said...

I'll be praying for a little one this time next year too!

Tracy said...

I love the new blog design. The canvas pictures of the dogs are adorable. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!