Lazy weekend.

We have had a lazy weekend at home. It was nice for the 3 of us to just relax before the craziness of the holidays coming up!

Romeo has become the laziest dog! He literally sleeps so much that I googled it to make sure he is normal! ha!

My favorite thing ever is when he sleeps next to me on the couch! Matt snapped this pic without me even knowing it!

I thought these pics were cute! He brought Matt the football to try to get him to play but Matt grabbed him and made his sit in his lap! His little face says it all... "Hurry up and take the pic so I can get down and play!"

These birthday balls have been a huge hit! We have to play with them everyday between naps!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Brittany said...

Adorable pictures!!! I have one of Oliver and I on the couch! What babies!

Jennifer said...

He really is the perfect dog for y'all as much as he sleeps! Ha! I just hope your children sleep as much or you may have to send him to my house so Brody and Jillian can wear them out! :)

Dianna said...

I love the pic of you and Romeo! Adorable!!