Ping pong.

Romeo is obsessed with playing ping pong!! My parents recently got a ping pong table in their basement and during Thanksgiving and Christmas, Romeo got to practice his game!

"Please Mom let me play!!"

We got some funny videos of our little pong player!

I love this one! We actually tried to play around him. I was laughing so hard, I could barely play! It was keep away from Romeo! :)

Does your dog play ping pong?! :)


Mallory said...

Funniest thing I will see all day!

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

HA! That's so funny!

Emily Richardson said...

HI-LARIOUS! Love the second video! You know you are dog lovers when you let them on the new ping pong table:)

Melissa said...

That is too funny! I bet he was worn out after playing ping pong!

Ashley said...

Those videos are too cute!

John said...

Too funny :)

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Anonymous said...

Please be careful with the ping pong balls. Many dogs have died because they swallowed a ping pong ball and it got lodged in their throat.