Spring in January?

I ran home this afternoon to let Romeo out and it seriously feels like Spring!!
I think he was wondering why it was so warm too! :)
I love that cute shadow!
Romeo and I are ready for the warmer weather to stay! It's 62 today but by next week we could have snow again! Arkansas weather is just crazy!


The Zarecor's said...

It's not just Arkansas that has crazy weather. Tennessee does as well! What you have today we have the next day. Mother nature has a mind of her own thats for sure!

Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

I hope we get that warm weather here in Memphis tonight or tomorrow! We tend to be behind.

Rachel said...

i think it's crazy weather everywhere??? we have gotten less snow than y'all and we live way up here in washington! :) i'm loving the sunshine up here though-51 today!!! :) love looking at your blog - hope y'all are great! :)

Penelope said...

It was 79 degrees here in Texas today, but we were inside with the flu!!!
I too have struggled with infertility. When I was single, my dogs were my babies and made my life better. Since we now have 2 little boys through foster care, my life is even richer. I never imagined. Although now, I am usually exhausted. Praying for answers for your DH.
I found your blog through your SIL.