Weekend with Halle Kate.

My best friend, Stefan and her BEAUTIFUL baby girl, Halle Kate came to stay with me this past weekend! We had so much fun eating Mexican food, shopping and just hanging out!

Saturday night we went to see Brody and Jillian. Stefan, Jennifer, Josh and I all went to college together so it's so fun to get the kiddos all together when she was here visiting!
Brody really like Halle Kate! He is such a sweet boy!

Halle LOVED Romeo! And thankfully Romeo really liked Halle. He was very sweet with her when she wanted to pet him and squealed every time he came close to her!
Seriously is there anything sweeter than a baby's gummy smile?!!
I hate when any baby cries, but she still looks so cute when she is mad! :)

I am in love with this precious girl!

These were a few pics I took with my iphone this weekend!
Loved my snuggle buddy on the couch!
Matt fell in love with Halle Kate and even wanted her to sleep in bed with us! :) He is going to be the best dad one day!
And Romeo is going to be a great big brother! I loved how he jumped on bed with Halle before they left on Monday morning.
I can't wait to see this adorable baby girl and her sweet momma again soon!


Sara said...

Julee -

You and Matt are going to be the BEST parents!!! I am praying so hard for you both:)

So glad you had a great weekend:)

Reese Ray said...

She is sooooooo adorable!!!!

Faith said...

She is SUCH a doll! I know you enjoyed your time with her!

Melissa said...

She has BEAUTIFUL EYES! Grayson needs to marry her...

Lauren said...

Halle Kate is the cutest thing EVER!!!!

Meg said...

Oh that Romeo is so sweet! He looked like he was smiling at Halle Kate in that one picture!

Anonymous said...

Hey Julee! This is so off-topic but when you get a chance, could you check your email, please?! I sent you an email with some questions. It is the one from Japan.

Thanks so much!

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh, she is ADORABLE!!!

Kashif Javed said...

I am pregnant and last week I saw my unborn baby with 4D ultrasounds that was really amazing