Shiba puppy cam is back!

Any of you ever watch the Shiba puppy cam??!! Well, the C-Team was born this week! I love watching these Shiba pups in my free time. It makes me want another baby Romeo! They are so small right now but when they get bigger and are playing together, they will make you smile when you watch for sure!

Live TV by Ustream
Speaking of Shiba's... Here are the latest iphone pics of my sweet boy!


Kellie Belue Jordan said...

I love these pics of your sweet puppy dog! I am an avid dog lover myself! My sweet girl, Stella, is the light of our lives and I completely understand how much you can love these sweet little babies! Keep the puppy cam rolling!

*Kelly* said...

Such cute babies!!!

Congratulations on your new nephew. Loved reading about them over at their blog!

Brittany said...

Oh my gosh..that puppy cam is too cute! I'm sure this is going to be my new addiction!

Nancy said...

So cute!!
Those are precious of your baby! It also makes me hungry for PIZZA!