Jill's wedding weekend!

There are a ton of pics I want to share from this fantastic weekend! It all started on Thursday...

We went to Dizzy's in downtown Little Rock for a bridesmaid dinner and lingerie shower!
Then Friday morning, we had a bridesmaid luncheon! It was a sweet and intimate lunch before all the craziness of the wedding weekend started!

Friday night was the Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! Jill practiced going down the aisle with her beautiful bow bouquet!
Dinner was at the Clinton Presidential library in downtown Little Rock!
We had the best Italian dinner!! Salad, Lasagna, Chicken parmesan with noodles and bread sticks. Topped of with Tiramisu for dessert!
Saturday was WEDDING DAY!! Jennifer, Jillian and I arrived first at the church to get setup and start doing hair!
Jillian talking to her twin in the mirror! She stayed occupied like this for quite sometime! :)
Sweetest little smile ever!
This would be Jill in the midst of forming her famous poof!
This is a sock bun! There is an actual sock in there, rolled up to make her bun bigger! I will do a blog post explaining how to do it soon! Its super easy!
Getting Jill dressed! Her dress was gorgeous!
I love these girls so I sacrificed and put this pic up even though I don't like it of me! :) Fat arms and humid weather hair that I do not approve of! ha!
Love these purple dresses! I might actually wear this bridesmaid dress again! :)
She had the prettiest flowers and the best food at the reception!
Yummy and beautiful cakes!
Tossing the bouquet before the departure!
Cute little Brody getting ready to say bye! Is this outfit not the cutest thing you a have ever seen?!
Favorite pic of the day!

And they are off to Maui!!

I love Jill like I have known her my whole life and I am so glad to be apart of her precious family!
It was a perfect wedding weekend that I am so honored to have been apart of!!


Lauren said...

Everything was just beautiful and she made an amazing bride!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Love the recap and all the pictures! It was such a fun weekend and I'm so glad you were apart of it!
At least we were all in one wedding together! Ha!

Nancy said...

Beautiful!!! All of the pictures! Looks like a fun time & great memories!! :)

Jennifer said...

I think you looked awesome in that purple dress, and I would want to wear it again too! Great pictures, thank you for sharing :)

The Lambert's said...

Omg, love the "sock" bun!! A tutorial is a must :)

carozza said...

so cute! i think those are the dresses we are wearing in nikkis wedding. :)

In this wonderful life... said...

LOVE all the pics!! What a beautiful weekend!

Twinkletoes said...

I love those dresses! Wow - I would definitely wear that again!
PS - you are too hard on yourself. I think you look gorgeous!

R said...

the sock bun...it's a lifesaver! my girls (ages 3 & 5), who have super-fine, thin straight hair, have to have buns in their hair for dance recitals. so i do my own sock bun version for them--i cut off the legs of old tights of theirs, roll them up, and use those instead of socks to be more proportionate to the amount of hair they have. jill's bun is beautiful!!

mark lawrence said...

Hey!! Very glad to see this amazing wedding. Couple of days ago, attended my friend’s wedding at one of NYC wedding venues and really enjoyed it. Glad to see amazing wedding theme and d├ęcor arrangements. Everything was superb and outstanding.