Surprise peek at our girl!

We got a surprise ultrasound last weekend while home for the 4th of July! The Elkins are longtime friends of both Matt and my families as well as my childhood best friend's parents! We have been friends with this sweet family for most of our lives. I know that Dr. John probably has a hard time seeing me even old enough to have a baby! :)

(These pics were taken with my iphone)
Dr. John was so sweet to do a ultrasound for us on his weekend but I think he enjoyed it as much as we did! I was so glad that my dad got to see our sweet girl since he didn't get to come to our last ultrasound!
(She was waving at us so that is why my our moms are waving at the screen! ha!)
We were so excited to get to see her again and verify that she was still a HER! :)
I am so thankful for Dr. John and Mrs. Lisa for all their support they have given me during our struggle to get pregnant! I trust him a lot so it was so reassuring to hear that our little girl was doing good and growing perfectly!
Seeing Preslee just makes us even more grateful and excited for December!


Lauren said...

Awesome!!!! I know you can't get enough peeks at that sweet girl!!! :)

Kirby and Anna said...

An extra ultrasound...that's wonderful! :)

Jess :) said...

I just LOVE that you were able to get another peek at your little BLESSING!!! :) So FUN!

And I just want to say...you're just glowing and absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

Nancy said...

So neat!!
I can't wait to see you three & your sweet pup in the header photo~ So excited for you!! You will be great parents & she will be so beautiful!

Elle said...

How exciting! I bet she was gorgeous as ever.

Cory said...

Very cool that you have a Dr. friend to do that for you. I am so thrilled that things are going well for you guys. You looks great!

Dianna said...

That is so exciting!! Getting to see your little girl again is awesome.

Alex and Jill said...

How much fun!!

I love the look on your family's faces during the u/s. They already love that baby girl so much!!