Weekend with Seth!

I never got around to blogging this... but last weekend we had a special visitor at our house!! Rachel, Evan and Seth stayed with us and we enjoyed being with our nephew so much! We played outside, chased Romeo around the house, ate at Shoguns and even went to the drive thru safari!

(We still can't show Seth's sweet face, but hopefully the adoption is almost final so we can share tons of cute pics of him!)
Matt loves his nephew! We can't wait for them to move up here so we can spend more time with him!
We went to visit Brody and Jillian! Brody wanted "Seff" to see ALL of his toys! :)
Matt is used to playing rough with Brody and Seth so he thought he better get some practice with girls! :) Jillian is seriously so sweet. I just hope Preslee is that sweet too!
Sunday afternoon, we went to the Drive thru Safari!! Its one of my favorite things to do! Seth got to ride a camel with his momma!
We got to see these cute monkeys and one of them even stole Evan's glasses off his face! ha!
It's amazing that all these animals are tame enough to take food out of your car! Especially a deer!
Seth got scared when the animals basically got in the car with us! Poor guy may be traumatized by this trip!
Our family is loving the quality time we get to spend with this precious boy! We look forward to making many sweet memories with Seth and Preslee!


Jennifer said...

That's a sweet picture of Matt and Jillian!:)

Arielle said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! Your nephew is precious! :-)

Elle said...

That safari looks amazing!