Elevator Nightmare & Wedding Fun!

A childhood friend of mine got married in Little Rock last weekend. I drove down to the wedding and met my parent's at the church! After a beautiful ceremony in downtown LR, everyone hopped on trollies to go to the reception at the groom's parent's high-rise condo!

My parents and I, along with at least 200 guests, all waited for 3 elevators to take us up to the 17th floor. When it was our turn, 18 adults and 3 kids filed onto the elevator. We were all very excited to see the bride and groom and escape the heat since it was SO hot outside!

Well.... the elevator door closed but nothing happened. After pushing the buttons to go up -- we sat perfectly still. After a few seconds, we pushed the buttons again to re-open the doors...but quickly discovered that they wouldn't budge!

I can't even begin to tell you how hot it was in that elevator! We were standing shoulder to shoulder with so many people -- and there seemed to be NO air supply!

The first 5 min, I was kind of freaking out inside. Obviously there was no real danger of me going into labor at 23 weeks but that was my first thought as I realized we were going to be there a while. We yelled and banged on the door but it seemed like no one could hear us, so we waited for about ten whole minutes! Finally, someone outside the elevator told us the fire department was on its way!

After 40 minutes of sweating, worrying and praying for freedom... the doors FINALLY opened up!!
In order to open the doors, the firemen had to go to the rooftop and turn off electricity to the elevators. Once they did that, they used a crow bar to open the door! We were finally free!
And to my surprise, one of my guy friends from high school was one of the firemen that got us out of the elevator!! I have never been so happy to see Jesse!!

We finally made it to the reception where we got some food, water... and of course CAKE!
My sweet friend Jessica was there and I was so glad to get out of the elevator to see her!
LOOK at these amazing shoes that this fabulous bride wore!! Seriously, they were to die for!
Lauren was seeing my belly bump for the first time! She was cracking me up rubbing and talking to Preslee in the middle of her wedding reception!
So happy for this sweet girl and I will go ahead and say that I will NEVER forget her wedding or missing 40 min of her reception while I was stuck in that dang elevator!!


Lauren said...

Beautiful bride and that is my biggest fear getting stuck in an elevator!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Oh goodness! I have been stuck in an elevator before too and it is STRESSFUL!! Even more so pregnant, I'm sure! Love the bride's shoes!

dave and jenn said...

I think I would have had a panic attack!

Charity said...

I love that you took pictures of it and with the fireman! That is TOTALLY something I would do! I am glad there is someone else like me out there! :)

you look beautiful btw!

April said...

Oh that is one of my biggest fears! I think I would have passed out! ha!

The Williams' said...

I can't believe you were in that elevator! I have 3 clients that were also in there with you. It's a small world!!

The Doose's said...

Julee - it was great to see you! And I'm so glad you made it through the elevator debacle. You look gorgeous! Can't wait to meet ms. preslee

Nancy said...

I can't breathe for you as I read this! HAA! That scares me so badly!! SO glad you were all ok ~ thank God for firemen!!

Sara said...

That is honestly one of my biggest fears and I ride an elevator everyday! I would have been terrified!

Leslie said...

What a story!!! Glad you stayed calm. I would have panicked!

Southern Cinderella said...

OMG! I don't know what I would do being stuck for 40 minutes in the elevator!! I have a elevator phobia! I LOVED the brides shoes!! You looked gorgeous, love that dress on you!

Amy said...

1. that is one of my worst fears!!! glad all worked out okay!

2. the bride's shoes were gorgeous, but i was too distracted by that beautiful ring to focus on them! :)

3. your friend that's a firefighter is so cute - is he married - my bff is single! ;-)

Rebecca said...

Just caught up reading your blog & your give it to God post is what I needed tonight. In fact, after having a tough day w/ my children today I decided to attend church tonight, instead of tomorrow & the message was exactly what I needed to hear! Included was "Don't give up, give it to God!!!"!!! Funny the ways God works! :)
Many congratulations on your sweet baby girl, you have a beautiful glow!

Ashley said...

I would of been panicking, I hate riding in elevators. Love the Bride's shoes.

Dianna said...

OMG how scary but also funny. I can't imagine being stuck in an elevator for 40 minutes especially with that many people!