Hotel pro

Romeo has only stayed at a few hotels but he really loves it!
This past weekend we stayed at one on Friday night and it had a great view!
Matt made him a window seat and he LOVED it!
He knows how to get comfy on a king size bed too!
He had the couch to himself! He was sprawled out all night!
Before we checked out, he had to watch out the big window again!
He was either bored or not ready to go home!
I love that our sweet boy is such a good traveler!


Cara Beth said...

Cute! Did y'all go to Dallas? How's the Dr going?

Bear Girl said...

He is so precious! Does he shed much? Looks like he has hair like a lab or a german shepherd. Xoxo, Genah

Sarah-Anne said...

awww...so sweet! he will be such a great furry big bro to Preslee!

Sara said...

He is such a cutie!

The Cooks said...

He is jusut too cute for words.All the best in your pregnancy. :)

Audrey said...

Between my parents' dogs and mine (we all have the same breed), we have 4, and they all LOVE hotels. My parents' female is the funniest though...she constantly jumps between the 2 queen beds...she gets to making her jumps really arched and high...it's a hoot to watch. Mine would die over that "window seat" and the view!