Shower pics part 2

This is a long post but just wanted to share pics of my friends and the precious gifts we received at our shower!

My best friend Jennifer who worked very hard on planning this shower and making sure it was perfect!
My long time college friend Devin helped host as well! She has two precious girls so she will be one of my go-to people to help with all the raising girls stuff I need to know about! ha!
My precious hometown friend Renee, who I absolutely adore also hosted! I hope Preslee and her daughter Sallie will be good friends!
I was so happy that Kelly and Hollis came down to help celebrate Preslee! Hollis squealed during the time I was opening presents so I think she approved of all the cute things we got! :)
I definitely approved of my first Sheshemade gown!!!! I actually got 2 gowns and an outfit and I just LOVED them all!
Her LiLi got her this precious outfit with a bow and socks to match! She already has many cute summer things to wear!
Matt's aunt Kathy saw these on Pinterest and ordered them immediately! I can't wait to take her pic in them asap!
Honee gave her this sweet suitcase!! This will be great to take to "Grandmas house"!
I am obsessed with gowns! She may live in them the first couple of months!
Cousin Seth got Preslee her first Bible with her name on it! What a wonderful keepsake!
Jill, Melissa and Jennifer watching me open presents! Love these girls!
My sweet friends that hosted the shower got my pump for me! I was super excited about having this for when I go back to work part-time!
My friend Michelle was so sweet to come to my shower! She has been struggling with infertility and has been pretty open about it on her blog! Please pray for this sweet girl and her journey to motherhood!
I was so happy to see Haley and her cute son Porter! My MIL held Porter during the shower and loved him! I think all his hair really reminded her of Matt as a baby! :)

I am truly blessed to have all these friends in NWA and I can't wait for Preslee to meet all of these special people!


Heather said...

The shower was precious! Love seeing all of the photos!

Cory said...

Friends are such blessings. And you are such a beautiful mama. So exciting.

Sarah-Anne said...

you have the best friend, julee! they love you so much & i'm sure they had just as much fun at the shower as you did ;)

Carrie said...

So glad you had such a fun shower! PLEASE tell where you got your dress....I LOVE it!!! You looked so cute!

Michelle said...

So thankful I was able to be there! I loved being able to share this special time with you! Can't wait to meet Miss P!

The Irish Lass said...

Julee, what a beautiful dress you're wearing! So happy for you!

The Irish Lass said...

Julee, what a beautiful dress! So happy for you!