Things I am loving...

  • My heating pad! I spend every night laying on it in bed after work!
  • Matt's large t-shirts, my loose sweat pants & sports bras!
  • Candy! - Up until the 3rd trimester, I just really didn't even care for my normal favorite candy but now I want to eat chocolate and sweets constantly!
  • Going to the doctor every other week! It's making this part of pregnancy go by faster!
  • Feeling Preslee's big movements and trying to figure out what body parts I am feeling!
  • But most of all... Matt talking about Preslee. He is just going to be the sweetest daddy! He wants her room to be perfect and goes in to look at it everyday! We sit in the glider together some nights and just dream about her being in there with us! We are getting SO excited about her arrival!!

Today marks 3 years of blogging! I love that I have all these memories and thoughts written down! I never thought I would stick with this blog for this long but, I am so excited that I did so that I can share the next chapter of our lives on here! Only 63 DAYS (or less) TO GO!!


Jennifer said...

Love the part about y'all sitting in her room! We did that so much before both kids. It's SO fun to sit and think about what it will be like when your baby is actually in there with you!

Countdown is on! :)

Anita Bell said...

I could say something, but I won't. lol I think it is sweet, too! Pretty soon it won't be a dream. It will be real! Waaaaaaaah!

Melissa said...


I am so happy for you and your husband!! I have been praying for something for almost 4 years. I know how it feels to pray for something for a long time. Mine has not come to pass yet....but I am still praying! You are going to be the best parents!!


Lauren said...

Love this!! Can't wait to see that sweet girl!!! :)

Miss Mac said...

Going through the past few posts, what a beautiful shower! Little twinge of pink envy here, lol! We stare at the nursery in amazement too, what miracles in the making! Wishing you the best in the final weeks!

Cason Crew said...

It's getting so close! Enjoy these last few weeks. Get lots of rest too. :)

waiting and wishing said...

I can't believe how close you're getting! I am so excited for you and Matt :)

Taylor said...

So very excited for y'all!! This is such a special time and I can't wait to see that precious babe!!!