37 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 37 weeks
Size of baby: 19.1 inches and about 6.5 pounds
Gender: A GIRL!!! Preslee Bell Turner
Maternity Clothes: Yes
Weight gain: 19 pounds
Movement: Slow stretching movements and she still has a few active times of the day but there's not much room to move in there now!
Sleep: Getting up every 2 hours to pee but sleeping decently between the pee breaks. Trying to not take naps so that I can sleep good at night!
Symptoms: Cramping is a new symptom this week. Lots of braxton hicks contractions... I would say at least twice an hour if not more. Low back just feels weak and sore!
Cravings: I am just hungry all the time this week!
Best moment this week: My co-workers all went out to eat to Noodles for hangout/baby shower! It was fun to be together since I am about to not be around them everyday! I will miss knowing what's going on at the salon! :) I am very blessed to love my job and love all these girls (and boy) that I work with!


Miss Mac said...

Full term, Yay! You look great!

Cory said...

Aww! You look great, and I am just so happy for you! Continued blessings sent your way.

All About the Armes' said...

You look great! Not too much longer...yay!! :o)

Carrie said...

You just look sooooo CUTE! You've pretty much made it to the finish line!!