Preslee's Friends and Family

I am sorry I haven't blogged lately, but you mothers know how hard it is with a newborn! Please forgive me. We have been nursing every 2 to 3 hours around the clock. I didn't realize how tired I would be! So, my poor blog has suffered because of it. Hopefully, soon my energy level will return. Sleep would be nice, but we are really enjoying this time as a family of four.
We have had so many friends come by to see Preslee. It is so much fun showing her off. She doesn't fit in many of her clothes though because she is so little!
Sweet Brody really loves Preslee! He said, "Preslee is so beautiful!". It melted my heart!!
Melissa came over and bounced/patted Preslee while she cried! :)
Lucy, Mary and Jonathan Bost came over to see us and brought a basket full of goodies!
Aunt Rachel has been over a few times to love on Preslee!
Uncle Evan loves his niece! :)
My childhood best friend came all the way from Arkadelphia to see Preslee!! And she will be having baby Elliott THIS week! Can't believe our girls are only going to be 3 weeks apart!
Sweet Paula came to see Preslee and brought us a delicious meal!
Jennifer has been over many times of course, but Josh had to come meet Preslee too!
Some of Matt's family were here when we got home from the hospital! I am so glad they came.

My mom has been here all except 4 days I have been home. I could not have done it without her. In fact, she is helping me type this blog. My dad has also been here to help out getting breakfast and walking the dogs.

I wish I had time to add more and more pics of all the family and friends that have visited us in the last 3 weeks! We feel so blessed by all of them! Despite the whirlwind of fatigue, I am so happy to have this sweet baby in my arms!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations ! She is beautiful :) So glad to see you had a minute to jump on your blog, I agree as a mom it's hard to find time to blog when you have little one's !!!

Lauren said...

She is precious. You will get to sleep eventually. =) I lover her bedding, and she'll fit into her adorable wardrobe before you know it (and hopefully when you're awake enough to enjoy it!). Congratulations! What a perfect (early) Christmas present.

carolinacutie said...

Preslee is so beautiful! Love the family photo! Looks like Romeo has adjusted to his little sister just fine! Could not be happier for your sweet family. Enjoy the holidays!

Palmer, Kim, and Henry said...

Love your blog! Congratulations on your sweet little one! I had my second son on the same day!

Sara said...

She is just beautiful! You will get some sleep and blog time eventually, but until then just soak up those wonderful baby snuggles;)

Have a Merry Christmas!!

Mary Elizabeth Eldridge said...

I have been thinking about you a lot, Julee! Those first few weeks are so wonderful, but they are also overwhelming and all-consuming!! Preslee is just darling, and I hope to meet her sometime - in Fayetteville or in Arkadelphia. I'm so glad your mom has been there to help, and one of the things that made me smile on your post was how your dad has been steping in to help with Romeo - my Dad's biggest way to help us when we had the boys was to love on Kate - our Dads are a lot alike - no wonder they are such good friends! xoxo....and Merry Christmas!

Sarah-Anne said...

Preslee is so loved by not only her family but by her friends! i love seeing them love on her.