Happy Valentines day!

It's Preslee's first Valentines day!! And we woke up to a sweet surprise from daddy!
She thought our roses were very pretty!
And she loved reading her card from her daddy!
What a sweet surprise from Matt! Roses, candy, cards and a recordable book for Preslee!
On this day of Love, I can't even begin to describe how much I LOVE this little girl!

Matt is always so wonderful about getting cards for every occasion and writing such sweet words inside! This year he even got a card for Romeo to me. I just had to share it because it is so funny!
How appropriate, huh?! He wrote in "I do have a twitter account though"! :)

Thank you Matt for being my Valentine for 11 years and for loving Preslee, Romeo and me so much!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines day!


Nancy said...

So precious! I just got through blogging about my husband giving us flowers, too!!
Hope you 4 have the best day today!

Dianna said...

So sweet and I love the card from Romeo!!

Taylor said...

That's so sweet!!! Happy V Day to you and your precious family!

Christi said...

So sweet! Happy first Valentine's day Preslee.

I hate to mention this but it's a Sweden thing...there's been a recall on those chairs she's sitting in. I guess there have been injuries especially when on a table but even injuries on the floor...brain damage. I know how much you love and prayed for your sweet girl, so I thought I'd share from one mom to another mom.

Jaime said...

She is so sweet and the card is hilarious!

emily said...

So sweet! I love Romeo's card...too funny!

Mrs. Williams said...

Love that card, from the dog!!!

Anna & Kirby said...

What a perfect card! Love it!!

Lauren said...

Look at her so big in her bumbo!

Hilarious card. =) Glad y'all had a special Valentine's Day.