Mid week randoms

Not much has been going on around the Turner house this last week. Just the normal, nursing, changing diapers and napping when I can! Preslee has been sleeping great at night but her naps have been sporadic and short! :)

We had 2 visitors this past weekend. My friend Stefan came up from LR to see Preslee. We have been trying to get together since the week that P was born so it was long over due! I am so sad that I didn't take any pics during her short visit! :(

Then, my cousin Alex came by on Saturday! This visit was long overdue too! Alex is in law school in LR and has been really busy so I am excited that she finally got to come up and meet P!
The pictures this week have been scarce since we haven't been doing much but I thought these two were cute from last week!
My little piglet!
This sweet girl is giving us lots of smiles these days and we LOVE it!!

Happy Wednesday everybody!


Jennifer said...

She looks super cute in her little piggy hat!

Allyson said...

The piglet hat is ridiculously cute!!

In this wonderful life... said...

I love her piggy hat! adorable!

Sara said...

Oh, the piglet hat is so cute!

Mrs Wallace said...

Love the monogrammed Mickey Mouse onesie! We are taking my niece to Disneyland for her birthday next month and would love to get her a shirt made like that. Could you please share wear you bought it from? Thanks!

Sarah-Anne said...

preslee will definitely grow up to be a social butterfly! :)

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

She's adorable! Love that piglet hat!