Busy but really fun weekend!

Saturday night, Matt was the emcee of Kiss a Pig gala for the American Diabetes association and Bret Michaels was there to perform! We got the chance to meet him too! So cool!
My parents and Kota came up to keep Preslee for us. I love when they come to stay the weekend and I could leave Preslee so easily knowing she was with them! Kota is so funny and is protective over Preslee!
We tried to spend some time outside since the weather was so nice! Random fact: I love sunglasses and always wear them so this picture was very funny to us! My little P will have to love sunglasses like her momma! :)
Spending some precious time with Pop/Peepaw. Poor man has different names for all his grandkids & grand dogs! ha!
Mom and I took Preslee to the Botanical gardens. There wasn't a lot blooming but it was so nice to be outside and Preslee LOVED sitting forward in the stroller!
She thought she was so big and loved getting to look around! :)
This is a new thing... when I kiss her on her cheek, she turns her head and tries to kiss back! Sweetest thing in the whole world!
She loves to try to say "Oh" and looks so pretty trying to talk!
I am so thankful for the quality time with my parents when they visit! Preslee loves them both so much already! I also love when my mom is here because she gets me out of the house and then I feel more confident trying to go other places when she isn't here! I'm really seeing for the first time, just how much my parents love me and it's a huge amount of love!!

Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help this weekend. We LOVE you so much!!


Mallory said...

First, I love the new blog header! Beautiful pictures!!!!! And Preslee's pictures in your post are so sweet, your little girl is gorgeous!

Randi said...

she's so adorable!! and I love that she's on your blog header now!! so cute! :)

Nancy said...

Precious post!! So glad you had fun & that would be really neat to meet him! I think he has beautiful eyes.

Lianna Knight said...

Preslee's eyes are SO blue :) Pretty pretty! Oh....and I LOVE your new header!! I was just on your blog the other day and thought you needed to update it with your babies. LOVE IT!

Fabiola said...

Your little girl is so beautiful.
As for Mom's help, they are just the best ; )

Elizabeth said...

I love your new blog header! So cute! Preslee is beautiful!!! I love that she is trying to give you kisses! So sweet!!

Sarah-Anne said...

I love seeing her cute little expressions!!

Anonymous said...

look at all that hair, she is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Julee I just DIE everytime I see her hair!! I know you are loving it too. She is precious!!!